Post of Christmas Past # 7 – The Christmas Argument

Ah, the Christmas argument. What’s a Christmas without a good go at it over gifts ideas, and budgets, or how much does that cost? This time of year can bring a lot of holiday cheer but unfortunately, it also brings with it some holiday jeers. For example, last night while shopping I happened to find myself within an earshot from a full-on couple spat one aisle over. You could tell it was one where both parties were whisper shouting at each other. A very awkward moment we can completely relate to because who are we kidding? We’ve all been there at some time or another during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Tensions so high that with one tiny mood swing, all of a sudden everyone is doing a quick about-face, ready to throw Christmas out the door and forget it was even happening. Enough of this, we’ve spent too much money already and half of what is in this cart is the wrong gift idea anyway. So there. I am going home.

Yes, a Christmas argument can come from out of nowhere. One second we are humming Last Christmas by Wham, and the next, we’re holding a seam ripper to the neck of an Elf on a shelf. But, don’t think it’s only you that gets that way. The couple I mentioned above along with most of us get caught in the Grinch moments of the holiday season. Impossible not to. Look, by now, we’re tired of shopping, sick of festive engagements, and frightened to death to log into our online banking. These are all triggers to make us boycott Santa and it’s still a week out before he even shows his jolly face.

At this point, all I can recommend is to stay calm. Keep the course you’re on and soon you will be hanging stockings on the chimney with care. Trust me, in five short days, whatever is done is done. I’m sure you’ve done a great job up to this point to make this the best Christmas yet. So far, it probably is and you’re too sooky to realize it. Maybe it needs a shot of cinnamon or a dash of pumpkin spice. Whatever it is, I believe in you. We’re going to make it happen. Let’s not kill each other. At least not before you see what they got you for Christmas. And besides, don’t we say every year that we had this in mind, or we should have gotten that one extra thing? And, don’t we also say we’ll run out for the boxing sale and grab a post-Christmas deal? So, why all the naughty list antics? It’s not worth it.

In the end, Christmas arguments will happen. No matter what, it’s most likely a tradition like the rest. This sort of behaviour is bound to present itself because we love our families so much. We want to give them the world that’s all. I can’t fault anyone for feeling that way during this time of year. To show loved ones how much they mean to us. So, if they mean so much, why are we mean so much? Remember that little rhythm of advice, and maybe you with find a wonderful Christmas with no argument from anyone.


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