Days Gone

Take me to a Springwhere every day was as young as Iand the sun would come winking through the curtains

Bike Writer # 16 – Saturday, You Know I Love Ya!!

How cool would it be to have a day between Saturday and Sunday?

Bike Writer # 14 – Time, Don’t Waste it!

Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the only thing. – Miles Davis 

The Red Road

I walked a path less travelled, on a road covered in red. Evergreens bowed before me, to welcome back an old soul. Draped, lonely…in silence. A still that became my only friend. There, my worries were sheltered, protected… Read More

A Grand Memory

I thought of you this morning while walking to work, there was something about the air, I smiled. It made me recall some random end-of-summer day, much like today. You were steaming up the harbor, towards home, from… Read More

Nick of Time

I’ve made it to tibbs eve, the shopping is done, it’s snowing outside and I just poured a drink-Merry Christmas everybody.  People were hustling and bustling at the malls,traffic created some white knuckled moments, and there’s a turkey keeping… Read More

I Miss the Shot

I went for walk a couple days ago and spent a little time in the basketball court, the air was brisk, the sun beaming down, just the perfect conditions for a pickup game.  Both the basketball court and… Read More

Broken Wall of Color

(Old poem I wrote while staring across from my office window in 2006 at of a graffiti-filled wall) By: Ash Douglas Broken wall of color, how the years have left you behind. I see your every crack, I… Read More

Coffee, Tea…maybe a Latte it be?

Most people that I know don’t seem to be able to function without the help of caffeine.  I barely manage to get a good morning out of  most until they have received their first hit.  Coffee is definitely… Read More


(Something I found that I wrote for my mother a long time ago) Happy Birthday to my mom, to my lovely mother; your beauty compares, to no other. Your eyes always glow and twinkle when you smile; I… Read More