The Red Journal (Near the Boardwalk, Morning Run, Through Binoculars)

Friday, 7:10 A.M.

Four days?
It really took them…never mind.
They’re idiots. Remember, they’re all incompetent fools.
One brutal headache after the other, I waited.
All that time waiting around to see my glorious work, displayed for the fine people of Jamestown and the story gets barely ninety seconds of airtime.
They didn’t even show the good parts, well…his parts.

Although, there was this one highlight. A precious glimpse of my most favoritest person in the whole wide world. Yes.
Such an angel. A glow made for TV, made for anything.
Perfect. Unaware, but always perfect.
See, I just have to think about you.
I’ve convinced myself that my over the top approach to our teacher chap wasn’t a complete waste afterall. All that matters is I struck the right notes with the more important players in my little game.
Slowly, the pieces move.
To plan.

Ah…here we go. Showtime!
Earlier this morning? Love me a go-getter. Once again, perfect!
Wait! Who might this be now? A friend?
Great, they’ve started running together. Who…
Tis, tis.
Be careful my new stranger. Someone should advise you of how long my dear friend and I have been meeting like this.
It’s our thing, it’s meant only for us. You’re being rude.
A headache is starting.
Today is ruined!

Alright, breath…slow down! This is nothing. Nothing at all.
It just means I’ll have to purchase a new pair of sneakers.
Damn it! I hate running, I hate exercise of any kind.
But, but, I’ll need a new look to blend in.
Got to be prepared if my new stranger and I are going to have a little run in…

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