The Black Journal – (A Ride Home)

Thursday, 9:50 A.M.

Thanks for the lift home, Ethan. I don’t think I could have gotten behind the wheel after that.

No worries, Sarah. It’s me, and it’s the least I can do. You doing OK?

I still can’t believe it. Kevin…I mean, we only spoke a few weeks ago. He returned my apartment key and we had coffee together.

Did he seem off or like anything was bothering him?

No, the exact opposite. He couldn’t stop talking about some dream job he had just been offered. Said the pension was too good to pass up, so he was due to leave in a couple of weeks. Now he’s dead. It doesn’t make sense.

Anything else? You know? Anything stand out? Did he talk about maybe some new friends or anything that he was doing that seemed a bit out of character? Something you might not have picked up on?

No, nothing comes to mind. Although, he did mention this party. He had somehow found out that his friends were throwing him a farewell party through a misdirected email string. I remember him mentioning that. He kind of went on about how this was going to be his last hurrah!

When was the party?

Ahh, the weekend…maybe. Sunday? I can’t really. I’m sorry, shit! He did tell me.

No, no…forget about it, Sarah. I’m an idiot, we’ll deal with that later. We can get all the names of the people who attended that party. Hopefully, find out if there was anyone who was with Kevin just before he died. Kevin was a good kid before and after the break-up. Anyway, enough of that. I’m upsetting you. I’ll just shut up now and get you home.

That’s OK, Ethan. Or, shall I say…Det. Frost?

Now, don’t start into me with that. I was being professional, that was work, Ethan. You know how political things get, Sarah. I do that sort of stuff to protect you.

Well, what about Dad saying that you didn’t want me for a partner, any truth to that?

Yeah…a little. Well, yes and no really. Yes, because you’re more than qualified. You were trained by the best remember? And, no because I know what this job does to people, how what people do to people. You made detective in less than four years Sarah, that alone speaks for itself, but I’m still your brother-in-law. Who loves you like my own sister.

I know, I know. I love you too, Ethan. But, I’m a grown woman and I don’t need you protecting me anymore. Or Dad for that matter. Look, whether you like it or not, I clean my gun just as much as you do. I’ve made it this far all on my own merit. The boys downtown can chatter all they want. I got where I am not because I am a woman, not because I’m Daddy’s little girl, and not because I am the sister-in-law of the best detective ever to set foot into Jamestown. No, I’m where I am because I have worked my damn ass off for it. It’s time people start acknowledging that. Respecting that! You and “the boys” will respect me. That goes for my father too. By the way, you already passed my house.

Damn it! Look, Sarah. I know, you’re right. I need to be more of a partner and less of an overprotective meathead. Forgive me. I hate that you’ve grown up that’s all. But, I read you loud and clear. OK, here finally. Go get some rest, I’ll swing by in the morning and we’ll start fresh. We got a killer to catch! Don’t worry about your Dad either, I’ll give him a call. Nite!

Thanks, and I’m sorry too. It’s been a long day. Oh, and just a sec?


For what it’s worth, I’m glad you decided to be my partner “Det. Frost”. Now, I finally get the chance after all these years to have your back…nite!

5 thoughts on “The Black Journal – (A Ride Home)

    1. Thanks for that. I actually managed to get a plotline banged out this past weekend. Since this is on the fly writing, I am hoping to keep it consistant and not paint myself into a wall. I think I have succeeded so far. You know how much I enjoy your persective. This commmnet means a lot. More please!! 😉

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      1. Lol, thanks. I was sitting Saturday night as I always do with ideas fyling around in my head. About the entries that I’ve done, and what I will be doing and with that I came up with a loose plotline. It’s hard on the fly and hard the way I am going about it, but if I focus on keeping things on track, and not expose any plot holes, I might be able to pull it off. Once again, I appreciate you help.

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