The Black Journal – (Take-Away)

If not up to date, please visit The Red/Black Journal Page Friday, 9:45 P.M. Ethan’s driver side door crunched and creaked as it slammed shut. He was home. Another long day of chasing a killer without so much… Read More

The Black Journal – (Break Room, Over Lunch)

Friday, 5:40 p.m. (Ethan and Sarah come up short with their first visit to The Keep. They decide to spend most of the afternoon going over the witness statements from the bar and various other items of interest scattered in… Read More

The Black Journal – Chief’s Office, Over Coffee, Pre-Briefing

Friday, 8:05 A.M. Good morning, Det. Frost…coffee? Morning chief, sure, thanks. Frost, I didn’t sleep very well last night. Do you know why that is? Why is that chief? Go ahead and enlighten me. It’s because of our… Read More

The Black Journal – (A Ride Home)

Thursday, 9:50 A.M. Thanks for the lift home, Ethan. I don’t think I could have gotten behind the wheel after that. No worries, Sarah. It’s me, and it’s the least I can do. You doing OK? I still… Read More

The Red Journal (The Diner, Afterwards)

MONDAY, 08:35 A.M. Should I even order coffee?I hate coffee.This place does look like it could serve a half-decent pot. I guess I’ll have to get something just to blend in with these people.Great, now the waitress is… Read More