The Red Journal (KJYN News at 6:00, Most TV’s In Jamestown)

Thursday, 6:01 P.M.

Good evening, folks.
Jim Gordons, KJYN News, first at six.

At approximately 10:45 A.M. this morning, Jamestown police responded to call about a possible homicide. Several officers and first responders descended upon an abandoned building earlier today located on the property which is owned by Breton Industrial, a steel fabrication plant. Details are sketchy, but early reports suggest the victim is a white male, possibly in his late thirties. He died in what some are calling a prefabricated high school classroom. A room in which, has been confirmed was not on the property just a few days ago. The man’s identity is currently being withheld until authorities can inform his next of kin.

There were no witnesses, but police officers are already canvassing the area and looking for any clues that might lead to what might have happened. The only information they have right now has been shared by Willie Shutzer, a 61-year-old security guard who works for Breton Industrial. He discovered the suspicious room and radioed it in. Listen closely as we provide you with a quick sound bite which was captured at the scene by our on-street reporter. When asked, Mr. Shutzer had this to say…

“Look, I ain’t good with this interviewing racket, and all I have to tell to you, News people, is this. I’ve worked here at this very site for some time now, for shit pay too mind you. Doing rounds after rounds. And, I’ve seen some crazy stuff. I mean crazy, but, what I saw in that room over there scarred my soul let me tell ya. I can’t close my eyes for Christ’s sake. I still see it. No, that in there, in that, that room…that’s pure evil. If I take a sick day tomorrow, they better damn well pay me for this shit. My God, that poor man, his body all over the place like that. I mean, his…”

Unfortunately, Mr. Shutzer was abruptly whisked away into an unmarked police vehicle while officers stated there was no further comment. We’ll be following this matter closely, and yours truly will be keeping a close personal eye on any further developments as they become available.

The police chief is asking for the general public’s assistance in staying away from the area to give the department a chance to continue their ongoing investigation. I’m Jim Gordons, you’re watching KJYN News, first at six. We’ll be right back!

4 thoughts on “The Red Journal (KJYN News at 6:00, Most TV’s In Jamestown)

  1. Ooooooooh! That’s the continuation of your story!
    I now see that you wrote “The red journal” in the title, but I did not put two and two together when I first read it. Maybe it was the photo that threw me off. I was used to seeing the journal at the beginning.
    Also, I’d recommend adding hyperlinks at the very beginning of the post so that newcomers can go back and read the other parts.

    Once I understood what this was (not a real news report) I really liked it. Something VERY creepy going on. And from different directions.

    Liked by 1 person

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