You’re Estranged Animal

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I received a text from my father a couple of weeks ago, you may be thinking, yeah…so what? Well, the “what” is the fact that I have not spoken to this man in more than twenty two years, we had a falling out a very long time ago. There’s more to that story but I won’t get into that now as it is of a private nature. What I would like to talk about is the fallout that ensues when family or friends choose not continue their relationships with another. No matter what the reason may be and no matter what the dynamic, losing that connection with someone can be hard and this time of year it can be really hard.

You know, I have tried on many occasions to fix things with my father, each effort took a piece of me, especially around the holidays. As I got older and with each passing year, I was able to put things in a better perspective. I had grown up and now I was able to see things differently and quite frankly, I was fed up with being hurt. So about fifteen years ago, at Christmas, I made one last ditch effort and wrote a letter. It was a peace offering, an olive branch as it were, it was do or die for our relationship and I was prepared either way.

Well, a few days into the holidays, unfortunately, my letter was met with the response that I was expecting all along and at that very moment I didn’t feel sad, I actually felt free. Something inside me was lifted off my shoulders, no more did I allow the chains of hurt drag me down any longer. Christmas from then on would never again have an asterisk by it, yes it was indeed another year without a father, but it was also another year surrounded by so many others that were there and have been from the start. That experience really opened my eyes and certainly my heart to all that unconditional love that was already right there in front of me though I was too consumed by what was not.

I guess what I’m trying say, is that at Christmas, we can all get a little sentimental as we take stock of where we are in our lives. Personal inventory of who we love, who we miss, and who we’ve lost along the way. Time is precious and there’s no way to go back and change things like we would want to, therefore, we have to take advantage the time we do have. Turns out that text from my father was just him reaching out for something that he needed and not some “oh my god, it’s my dad” moment, so I completely ignored his request and as I mentioned above I just moved on.

In closing, I hope that after you read this post, you will take the time to reach out to those who you love or miss loving. Maybe someone you’ve lost contact with, an old colleague you keep changing plans with, or more importantly, that special someone, to tell them that their somebody who really matters to you. Mend those old fences, fix it if it’s broken or simply just go ahead and tell those in your life that they are loved. It may be fact that Christmas comes but only once a year, just realize though, your love can go on forever…

Now go hug somebody will ya?

11 thoughts on “You’re Estranged Animal

  1. First of all, the suspense was killing me. Ok, he texted you, aaaaand? What happened. So thank you for satisfying my curiosity in the end.

    Secondly, props to you for reaching out and trying to let bygones be just that. We often blame the other person for the falling out (whether true or not), but it is for OUR best interest that we do try and fix things in the end. Even if it doesn’t work out. Like you said – at least you are unburdened.

    In conclusion, an inspiring piece. Well done.

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    1. I glad you saw the message in this, there’s more layers to this but the general theme is forgive and move forward. If that’s not obtainable then at least you can move on knowing you tried. Thanks for your comment and thanks for reading.

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  2. Deep thoughts, Ash, that everyone needs reminded of (if not hit over the head with) on a regular basis!

    P.S. I hope for you, and your dad, that one day that relationship can be whole and complete, for both of you! Peace to you!

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  3. A very fine post, Ash.

    I had to leave my parents behind many years ago. My emotional health required it, and I have never regretted my choice. My first obligation is to the life I’ve been given, and not to anyone who would abuse or demean it.

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