“They See Me Writing, They Hatin”

Hello all,

Awhile ago, I ran into a friend of mine, a close friend actually. I’m not sure where we were but we did the typical stop-n’-talk and it was great catching up. Well, it was ahhh, great until I mentioned I had a blog. I sometimes mention in conversation that I write, usually with close friends, family, and people I feel would be interested in hearing about it. Anyway, there we were, back and forth chatting when all of the sudden there was a segway right to my blog. As soon as the words had left my lips, this friend (I now use that loosely) kind of almost laughed out loud. I was immediately disheartened, there were a few retorts on the tip of my tongue but I took the high road and gestured to go on my way, but really….

It’s true, I was pretty put off by it, I was upset. I thought of this person as a real good friend, a supporter I had assumed, I guess I was wrong. That said, I wasn’t going to let that negative reaction deter me from writing and the more I thought if it, the more it just made me proud to be doing something that I love to do and something that I’ve been told makes a difference and that’s all that matters. I write for myself, well actually, now I also write for you my readers, so diss my writing…

Cue my point…

Don’t you ever let anyone or anything get in the way of doing what you love to do. No matter what it is, sports, music, dancing, anything that you feel is something you were born to do. It’s in your blood, it’s a part of you, a part of what makes you so unique, so never let go of it. Shame on those who try to get in our way because you know what? It only makes us stronger, more disciplined, and more determined to prove all the haters wrong. Remember, for every hater there are a hundred supporters that will high-five you all the way. Brush all that off and keep moving forward, you work hard and you deserve all the praise in the world for giving it your 110% all day, everyday.

So I leave you with this, never hold back, never ever quit, and always be the best you, you can possibly be!

10 thoughts on ““They See Me Writing, They Hatin”

  1. I don’t tell too many people that I have a blog because it’s a sacred outlet. It’s something I do for myself. Its a place to share my thoughts for future generation. I want my family and friends to visit my world long after I’m gone. Seven years later and I’m still at it. Some people don’t get it, but that’s OK! Those of us who do can relate, even if we’re miles away! Keep writing and thank them for inspiring this post. 😂

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  2. Great point! I have my blog for fun, I am far from being a writer. But while many are supportive, some still snicker when they hear that I have one. As if it is not a “real” hobby, source of outlet, reason for anything. Haters gonna hate, so make like Taylor Swift and “Shake it Off” 💃🏻.

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  3. I agree. I have had some encounters, as well, where the convo gets a little weird, once I’ve mentioned my blog. Which always brings me to the question, why do those we think are our friends, want us to fail, or not be successful, in something that is our passion? I know that for me, I want all of my friends, relatives, etc., to be as successful at LIFE, as they can be. For example, when a friend gets a promotion at work, I’m EXTREMELY (and sincerely) happy for them. It means they’ve worked hard, and proven themselves to be worthy of a little more. That makes me happy for them. I find that the “strangers” (now friends) I have connected with on here, are way more supportive than those “friends” that are closest to me. It’s really frustrating that ANYONE should feel awkward when telling those that are closest to them, that you are blogging. Meh. Just drives me nutty!! lol

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    1. Agreed, thanks for your comment. It’s true that the ones you feel would support you only find ways to tear you down. It means a lot when we support each other and each other’s writing. Thanks

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  4. Reactions or comments such as that are not about you; however, such reactions or comments indeed reveal so much about them. Your writing is a form of self expression, observation, and release. It’s not your worry if they do not understand, but it does give you more food for thought and for the pen (or keypad). 😉 Great writing, Ash!

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  5. I cannot tell you how much I needed to read this! You are so right. I’ve been sharing your words with other friends that write and face similar challenges from friends and family. Thank you so much!

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