Should I Say, Or Should I Go? – A Covid Moment

Hey all,
So, I was at out the other day doing a supply run. I have a section of the city which has a Walmart, a grocery store, a pet store, a drug store, and a gas station with a coffee drive thru. Boom! It’s been very convenient given the times and has become my one stop shop for getting everything we need in the same general area. It limits my having to go all over the city and potentially exposing myself to even more concentrations of people. Being around people is one element to going out nowadays, the other is the way we shop. Things sure look a whole lot different than most of us have been accustomed to. I’m assuming things are different for you as well. I guess you’ve seen a dramatic change too when it comes to staying safe and staying stocked up. Though, I will say that I actually love some of new measures put in place. Essential businesses have done a great job evolving, and I hope they will think about keeping some of those new changes around for the future. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making the shopping experience safer for customers, only how do we keep the same shopping experience safe from other customers?

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Earth To Ash – Caution, Area Under Construction

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Hey everybody,

Need your help with something. I’ve been brainstorming a few new ideas regarding my blog lately. Nothing too dramatic, just a few simple tweaks to make the flow of my page work better. I want to allow new followers a chance to easily access some of my more focused categories. I’m even considering cutting a few and devoting my time to what seems to be the good stuff. And, that’s based on feedback and commented interest.

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