The Devils Hold

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I tempted the beast

lured it from its dark home

taunting and teasing

dancing with this devil carelessly

unknown my armour has dented, chinked, and worn

unaware I left my soul vulnerable

I push and push the beast at bay now struggling

falsely relying on what gifts my youth had provided

then, this creature extends a claw taking hold of my heart

easily and at will

fear is now flushing my veins

no more jest in this tricky game I’ve been playing

for I look down in shock at the penetration it made

as this black entity holds my life like a marionette

with a smile and intention

struggling only brings more pain

I run but it is in circles

flashes of my life play out before my eyes

characters, places, time… all fading

my existence is no longer tethered to the dirt of the earth

it is wagered by a power so much greater than the one I’m calling for

that light I thought would protect me when I bask in the dark

instead, it led me to mortality

now held by the devils hold

5 thoughts on “The Devils Hold

  1. Masterfully crafted. Great imagery and build-up. Evil is so successful because it lures us slowly at first, and makes us think that it’s not evil. It’s often too late when we realize what we’re facing. It’s much easier to turn around at the very beginning. You cannot tempt the master of temptation without getting hurt.

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    1. Hey friend, thanks for your awesome comment. I appreciate it. It truly does, you dance with the devil and you will find nothing but darkness in the end. Glad to see you drop by and I hope you’re well. Take care and stay golden.

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  2. Dancing with the Devil is a win for the Devil and a lose for you…You have built up this story carefully. thinking you were still in control until you realized you were not. A very personal cautionary tale… Well done!

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