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Hey errbody,

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Just a shout out to my readers, haven’t done one yet and it’s about time I did. I want to say that without you, I wouldn’t be able to pursue a dream of mine, and that’s to write. Whoo deeep, no but seriously, it’s been nothing but positive feedback when it comes to my blog, I have to take a moment and sincerely thank you all.

One of the struggles with writing a blog is the “content”, how do you define yourself and your niche, how do you keep your reader “content”? I ask myself that all the time, do I specialize one way or the other or do I just wing it? I most likely have been doing a little of both, at the same time, and then some. That’s where you have come in, what your follows, likes, subscribes, and comments, have shown me is that you’re listening and you are enjoying my writing……awwwww.

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Look, this world is crazy as it is and in the middle of it all, you take tiny little increments out of your own lives just to check out Earth to Ash, you do it for me. It means a lot and it does nothing but motivate me to keep going, keeping posting and keep on moving forward. This is all new to me but one things for sure, I’m glad you’re in the trenches alongside with me.
Thanks again for being a repeat visitor, your viewership is greatly appreciated and I really really hope you have enjoyed my blog.

Stay tuned…

Oh, by the way, picture the earth in the first photo as me and the hands are you, get it….no….really?

Anyway…..You rock.


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