Versatile Blogger Award


There is no bigger compliment than receiving acknowledgment from fellow writers.  The Ink Owl has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award which I am so appreciative of and I hold this nomination in the highest regard-Thanks.  Please head on over and check out The Ink Owl to discover his contributions of fiction, fantasy, and real life.

Blogs that I feel deserve the same respect and acknowledgment are listed below, each of these blogs has their own unique blend of content and offer a wide assortment of quality writing.

  1. Orlando Espinosa – need inspiration and motivation? Here’s your man;
  2. The Road to There – another great site for empowerment, inspiration and a personal journey to enlightenment;
  3. Adventure 57 – Well written and visually stunning;
  4. Mirror & Soul – Life from a mom’s perspective, positive thinking at its best;
  5. Be Like Water Production – Little of this with some of that in the multimedia world;
  6. My Five Experts – Need help blogging? Great informative content;
  7. Altered Nature Gyotaku – Blog with artistic flare;
  8. Follow Your Arrow – Follow her path and journey to help your own;
  9. Sparky Jen – Another positive thinker with wisdom to share;
  10. The Watts – A glimpse into the life of a young family with very informative posts for raising kids;
  11. The Nostalgia Diaries – A look back in reflection, good for the soul;
  12. Positive Mindset 2017 – Simply positivity, see for yourself;
  13. Thoughts and Afterthoughts – Free thinking and beautiful poetry;
  14. Food Fit Fun – Loads of information on healthy living;
  15. PalHachi – Nice blog with great use of visual elements.

These are some of the more deserving examples of what my blog community can provide for a world of readers waiting to discover them. Each one of the contributors that I have listed above has written their way into my daily routine and I’m sure once your click on their links for yourself, you will find the same. Great job to you all and I feel each one of you are deserving of the Versatile Blogger Award, keep blogging on.


  1. I don’t always refer to myself in the third person;
  2. I love to bike;
  3. Leave no pun left behind;
  4. Gym rat;
  5. Not writing gives me anxiety;
  6. Was raised by my grandparents;
  7. Favourite author is Neil Parischa.

I am grateful to The Ink Owl in recognizing me for this award and I’m glad to pay it forward with my thoughts and feelings of some of my fellow writers that share their stories each and every day.  It takes a lot to put yourself out there and share pieces of ourselves with the world and for that I commend you.  Never stop writing and never not sharing because your audience is waiting.

Thanks, Ash

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