My Wounds

How do I awake from a nightmare,
that cares not that I am asleep?
My eyes need not even blink,
for every second, the same dread.
Taking my licks like a dog that’s beaten,
stubborn, still thinking reward will come.
To exist has now become my master,
slowly tempting my will,
as all I can do is lick my wounds…
and look up for more.

6 thoughts on “My Wounds

  1. About what you told me:
    “Fire and darkness …, love it.” Thanks for making me smile. ”
    _Is already good if you smile!
    But what I perceive of you is real!
    I must say that, you seem to me touching, in your way of thinking.
    When I thought; the fire and the darkness in your eyes …
    I will develop
    _Fire is the constant element
    communicative and virile:
    (dynamic, torid, playfu,l enveloping, attractive, hypersensitive, passionate)
    _The darkness is an inconstant element:
    communicative and feminine
    (sadness, disappointment, suffering, regrets, melancholy, trauma and rancorne, modesty)
    This subtle mixture emanates from you and your words.
    Your physical beauty is not put forward like other men more frivolous or imbued with themselves.
    From my feeling, you are a romantic, a whole person, who wants to be loved for all that makes his being of flesh and spirit.
    You always smiling?

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