Plagiarized Love

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my love for you is like a book with stolen pages
beautiful words erased
deleted lines…replaced
everything’s torn from the very bind
words rewritten that were never mine
an unknown author with a tale of a broken heart
spends his lonely days with nowhere to start
his pen runs dry
there’s nothing more to capture
in this tragic love story without its final chapter

14 thoughts on “Plagiarized Love

    1. You think so? Once again, I have to thank you for all your words of encouragement my friend. These one just came right out of me this morning. I’m flattered by your comment. 🙂


    1. I like how you always have an great interpretation of my poems. Exactly how I would anticipate. Thanks as always for reading and keep the comments coming please. I appreciate your insight on my work big time.

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      1. Sometimes I feel silly sharing my interpretation with authors. But then I think to myself that I would like others to do so in regards to my pieces. You want to hear what other people see when they read your words.

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