The Black Journal (Reconstructed Classroom, Industrial Area, Downtown)

Thursday, 12:15 P.M.

Ah, Det. Frost!
Perfect, you’re here.
OK, since we’re all present, let’s get started.
Follow me, the body is this way.
So, Det. Frost, have you ever dissected a frog?
In high school, perhaps?
Then, how about a teacher?
Ever dissect a teacher?

What are you going on about Spencer?
No jokes, please. It’s been a long morning already.
I’m not in the mood.

Sorry, sir.
Well, anyway, neither have I sir.
But, someone certainly must have gotten an A in biology.
Our teacher friend, the victim, a thirty-three-year-old white male is lying spread eagle in that fabricated room over there, and his organs have been pinned to the wall like some sort of class project waiting for its red ribbon.
Yeah, somebody took their time with this one, sir.
The room, which wasn’t here last week is a legit replica of a high school classroom. It looks personal.

Wait for a second, Spencer, wait! Backup!
What do you mean now that everyone’s present?
I came by myself.

Oh, were you not aware?
I just got off the phone with the Captain.
Det. Wilson’s joining us.
Look, she’s right there talking to first responding officer.
She’s quite attractive, isn’t she, sir?

Sarah Wilson?
Little Sarah, the Captain’s very own?
It makes sense now. That’s why he wanted me lead on this.
To babysit.
That son of a …!

Frost! Hey, Frost!

That’s Det. Frost to you, Det. Wilson. Let’s keep things professional, shall we?

Oops! Sorry, my bad.

Good afternoon, Det. Frost, I see you’ve finally made it to the crime scene.

Finally, what do you mean finally?

You know, I heard about the vacation fallout. And…
I just assumed you were late from doing damage control.
Susan, is she OK with you having to cancel?

Susan’s fine with it and by the way, I’m not late.

Well then, judging on that face, she doesn’t know yet, does she? Sorry, Dad told me not to mention anything.

And, that’s the first thing you do?
Thanks, Sarah.
You’re indeed your father’s seed.
Anyway, shouldn’t we be trying to figure out what happened here?
Or at least look like we are trying to do our jobs.

Yes…yes, sorry! My apologies.
You’re absolutely right, Det. Frost.

We should.
In that case, shall we say the class is now in session, my dear brother-in-law?

6 thoughts on “The Black Journal (Reconstructed Classroom, Industrial Area, Downtown)

  1. Whoever thought dissecting a frog was like dissecting a human? Every day you learn something new, huh?

    I love the plot though! It’s..murder-ish, which is probably why I adored it. Thinking of doing more journals, after finishing with this treat? I’d love it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lol. To answer your question about the journals. I’m kind of winging it. I have a story in my head and ideas of where I can take it, but executing might be a huge piece I’ve just bitten off. That said, I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from them, so I’m motivated. Here’s to driving in the fog. Thanks by the way for the read and drop by. Stay tuned!!

      Liked by 1 person

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