Journal Entry # 169 – Focus On Your Happiness!

When we lose focus on what makes us happy, we wind up fading into the background. The true meaning of life gets obscured. When it does, take a step back, look past all the blur, and the bigger picture will soon become much clearer. – Ash

11 thoughts on “Journal Entry # 169 – Focus On Your Happiness!

    1. I find it interesting that you said that. The pic actually, it was on a walk last evening. It was a little snowy, little rainy, just made me think a bit. I took a moment and a few deep breaths and enjoyed the simpleness of it all. It was refreshing. The quote came right on out after I fouled the pic up. Thanks for the probe, we are so much alike I feel.

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    1. Well, well, well, if it ain’t my good buddy, Drew. How are you my friend. I’ve missed our interactions, it’s bee a while. Thanks so much for the well-wishes and you could not have said it better. I hope you are are well, my friend and those around you are in good health and spirits. Take care!!

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