Earth to Ash Podcast Episode # 7 – So, How You Doing?


3 thoughts on “Earth to Ash Podcast Episode # 7 – So, How You Doing?

  1. How am I? I feel stuck. Tired of fighting. Just want the road to open up. But know that it never is that easy. Which wall do I break to make sure the path doesn’t lead to a dead end?
    I completely understand your podcast break and the feelings you have due to being absent.
    Yes! I totally noticed your voice being different from the very start.
    Live studio audience made me chuckle. Good one.
    I hate it when I stop caring about the things that normally bring me joy (like going to the gym, being outdoors and active, writing, reading, etc.). Usually, I just try to wait it out (though I should know better by now), but of course things rarely just change, so I continue to not do any of it. Until – I MAKE myself DO those things. I write it down and hold myself accountable. Then, as I begin to do all these things, everything seems to improve. I consider myself somewhat intelligent, but I have no idea why I choose to do nothing for a while EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Maybe it’s just my way of giving my body and mind some needed rest?!
    “… bland. The polar opposite of what I am.” Bingo. I’ve recently made that observation regarding myself, and it made me quite upset…
    “Robbing myself of my own self.” PROFOUND!
    Do I have such experiences? I think so. But… lately, I’m good at putting them aside after a while and just continuing to dig a hole. It’s not me, and I have to change that. But… (see paragraph one).
    This podcast episode was rough for me. I’m shaking, having listened to it. I’ve been climbing my way out and this just gave me the power I needed to keep fighting the good fight. Thank you.
    Stay golden!

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    1. Holy shit, you got me and I got you. This comment shook me. I got you, my friend, don’t forget that. We’re spirit animals and what you just wrote, strengthens me. Hang in there and let’s do this together. Your friend, the real Ash.

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