Bike Writer # 52 – The Bike…It Spoke To Me

Sometimes being creative and battling writer’s block can become a vicious cycle. So, I went for one. – Ash 

Ashfirmation # 1 – Life Is Funny That Way

If you do not take life so seriously, it’s actually pretty fun. – Ash

A Night That Almost Lost Tomorrow

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That night was eternal 
drifting toward a forever sleep 
voices falling faint
thoughts of tomorrow escaping  
with time slipping away 
I walked toward a light I was not scared to follow
body still euphoria right there
but before the final second of a wasted life 
I found my soul 
it told me I was not broken
gave me the strength to awaken
promising another day to make up my mind

Am I Write? # 14 – Writing Is Something I Have To Account For

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When I write every day, it’s like I am issuing my own receipts for living an invaluable life. Don’t write your days off, write them down. – Ash

Celebrate Good Lines, Come On

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Hey everyone,

I would not sleep very well tonight if I did not let all my readers/followers know that I was approached to do a “spotlight on writers”. It is for my poetry. And, not only have I been approached, my interview has now gone live. Yes, the wonderful literary folks over at the website Spillwords, who I am already grateful to for having published several of my poems, have also reached out and offered me an opportunity to be a part of their about the author series. Not going to lie, it took me 0.1 of a second to respond and say yes, you bet I would and here we are, publish day. Spillwords set up the interview and the questions, and all I had to do was provide what I had hoped were interesting answers. Turns out, they were and you can see for yourself right here at this link direct to my very own spotlight page. Hope you enjoy it! – >

A Shade of Ash # 13 – Back To The Future

My birthday was just a few days ago and it made me realize something about getting a little older. Age is inevitable. But, at the same time, it is invaluable. Because the more time I have to reflect on who I am, the more insight I gain on becoming who I want to be. – Ash

A Shade of Ash # 12 – When I Write, I’m Alright

Sometimes, I feel invisible. It is writing that allows me to remain whole in a world that continues to try and take pieces of me away. I write to keep from disappearing completely and prove I exist for a reason. – Ash

Rainy Nights Devils Dance 

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rainy nights devils dance  
their guise of secrets 
under piss-yellow street lights
in the alleys cast shade 
when monsters come out to play  
who can barely see a thing as Hyde shows  
every line blurred
people touching 
music lulling sensual acts 
dirty corners whisper in commentary 
jealous they didn’t swallow first 
illicits hold all those to deeds of passion and lust
no one cares about anything and only want more 
the creatures dance and hypnotize
until the sharp sun rises then they flee 
changing it back once again

Journal Entry # 225 – Self Kelp

When my days start to feel bland, I try adding a little salt. – Ash

Shade of Ash # 11 – Albert James Douglas

My Grandfather

What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us. – Helen Keller

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