Journal Entry # 217 – It Came To Me In A Stream

You weren’t scared to be born. We struggle with how we feel about dying. But, before we figure it out, it most likely will be over too. So, all that’s left is to live. Never be afraid to live. Live your life to its absolute fullest and absorb every single moment of it. Because living is something we control. – Ash

Journal Entry # 216 – Flowers Picked From A Garden

I miss you every day of my life. Today was no different. Maybe tomorrow will be. – Dad

Journal Entry # 215 – Our Life Story

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We can’t carry on with the story of our lives without finishing all the chapters. No matter how some of them ended. – Ash


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Like a flower starving
I long for your light
a drop of you
replenish me
leave me to wilt

For What It’s Wharf

Don’t take any ship. If friends dock behind your back, they should not be a port of your life. – A Little Pun Ash

Journal Entry # 214 – It Just Dawned On Me

Every day is another chance to make it your best day. You can, you will, you should, and you matter. – Ash

They Are Never Gone

The other night, I looked up for the moon 
To ask him for a small favour 
“Knock for me…at that heaven’s door” 
I was alone and needed someone in particular 
not only did sky open up and become ours 
the clouds even came by for a listen

Journal Entry # 213 – Piece Be With You

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When people try to intimidate you, they are masquerading power over their weakness. They think if they bully, they can cover it up in order to take anything they want. Even a piece of you. Don’t give them anything. Be strong and keep yourself together. Every one of those pieces intact. If you can do that, you will realize pretty darn fast that it’s them who’s falling apart. – Ash

Journal Entry # 212 – It’s How I Field

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Friends come in flowers, some in weeds. The flowers rise with us, support us, and share in the things that help us grow and prosper. The weeds smother us, try to take us over, steal all the sunshine and choke out life until we fall. When you plant your gardens, make sure you can tell them apart. – Ash

Journal Entry # 211 – I Seed The Light

I took a walk yesterday in a palette of reds, browns, and some orange. With clean, crisp, fresh October air filling my lungs, it occurred to me. As leaves change, so have I. What hung to me for so long has now fallen to the ground. The deaths of yesterday sow seeds for tomorrow. They shall bear the fruits of my labour and set strong roots to allow me to weather and grow. – Ash

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