Mask of Deceit

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Your smile must have been a mask,
that allowed you to deceive the unsuspecting.
As the cold steel cuts through my flesh,
I wonder if it was I, who handed you the sword?
So, stand there as I bleed,
and shame my imperfections.
Turn your back and fix your mask,
as my soul becomes untethered.
But, know this pain has freed me from my doubts,
that your blade was not already sharpened.

Journal Entry # 91 – False Friends!

monochrome photography of people shaking hands

False friends are like our shadow, keeping close to us while we walk in the sunshine, but leaving us when we cross into the shade. – 
Christian Nevell Bovee

The Hook

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Wonderwall plays the lazy afternoon.
Rack em’ before the crowd shows.
I can smell the night before from the Ashtrays.
Stained carpets, humming I got used to.
Friend by hello, fist by good-bye.
I know, you’re right.
This now, the last.
You are my best friend.
So, same time tomorrow.

Ashback Friday # 5 – I Pity the Fall!


Hey all,

Pictured above is the old 1983 Mr. T action figure, and no not a doll, an action figure. The difference is the kung-fu grip. Anyway, I was and still am I guess, a huge fan of the A-Team. I watched religiously every week as Four Vietnam vets, framed for a crime they didn’t commit, help the innocent while on the run from the military* Mr. T played B.A. Baracus, said doll. Damn it! I mean action figure.

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The Elf All About Himself! (something for the kids)

blur celebration christmas christmas decoration
Once upon a time, there was an angry little elf.
who didn’t think of anyone, but only himself.
He was always so mad, and sometimes a bit sad,
that work, work, work, was all he ever had.
His friends called him mean, said stop being selfish.
“Be like us, and act more elfish.”
So, one winters eve, Santa came by to say,
that he thought the elf, was looking at Christmas, the wrong way.
“Just think of the children, and those lineups for miles,
their tiny small faces, with giant big smiles.”
“Yes, they write me the letters, but you build the orders.
Can’t you tell it’s important and that your job’s like no others.”
All of the sudden, the elf began to grin,
his heart filled with love, he could feel it from within.
For the very first time, did the elf finally see,
that the holiday season was not only about me.
It’s the gift of giving and really not what you receive,
this is what makes Christmas so special and allows us to believe.

Journal Entry # 90 – It’s the Little Things!

bokeh photo of maple leaf
It has long been a great axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important. – Arthur Conan Doyle

Journal Entry # 89 – Now, create!

red yellow and orange flower field

If you’re alive, you’re a creative person. —Elizabeth Gilbert

Ashback Friday # 4 – Bump, Volley…Spike!

Yup, those were the days!!!

Afterschool practices and weekend tournaments were my only focus during this chapter of my life. Back when I hadn’t quite grown into my ears yet. Oh, how I miss the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The clean-shaven, beer shirt wearing, non-look at the camera bunch of guys you see above were once my comrades in arms. For all of high school, I had the awesome opportunity to be a part of a team with these fine lads. Volleyball, basketball, hockey, you name it. We were good too, I’m not just saying that. It was just great chemistry I think, most likely because we all got along so well. Best of all, we got to share a bunch of really cool experiences together, being on the road was one of my favourite parts. It was a great time in my life for sure. When I look at the newspaper clipping now, I wonder what everybody is up to. It’s been forever since I have seen or spoken to most. I think this was 1994.

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My Redemption

how-to-find-yourself.jpeg My memory is all I have to adore you.

A broken heart still bleeding for attention.

Before the picture fades,

I pray for a lost connection.

My fault bears a cross,

though, it was never my intention.

Forgive this, my wordy plea,

and grant me redemption.

Ashback Friday # 3 – Very Very Sneaker there Mother!


Hello all,
I can’t recall the year, couldn’t even guess, but yours truly used to rock those kicks you see above. How cool was I? Gosh, I was about ten, eleven, maybe even twelve. I’m telling you, they had me at “that cool thing that I drink is now on my shoes”. Right away, I was awestruck. I stared and stared at those “make me the coolest guy in school” sneakers for as long as I could. A crosswalk had flashed don’t walk, so I had about a minute to take it in before we had to move on. I could almost touch them. They were right there behind a thin pane of glass, front and center, on display in the storefront of a sports apparel store. The whole time I was hoping that my mother at some point, might have seen me drolling and bought them for me. You see, I was a very shy kid and the chances of me asking for them straight out were pretty slim. Although go ahead and ask her now, she’ll tell you that I definitely don’t mind asking anymore. Love you, mom! No, dear readers, my signals must have gone unnoticed as my mother didn’t even turn around, didn’t even flinch. Then, just what I needed, the crosswalk switched and the little glowing man taunted me away from the window. I gave chase to the rest of the gang. Those Coke sneakers were all I could think about the whole way home, or more specifically, back to my aunt and uncles place in the city where we were visiting.

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