Weakness (Haiku)

Under this street lightpouring down rain in the coldalone, and done wrong

Journal Entry # 152 – Truth Can Hurt, But It Can Also Heal

I’ve wasted so much time and heartache trying to find out why someone no longer loves me. When all I had to do, was accept that they probably never did. Therefore, I’m free. – Ash

Unmark My Grave

I don’t want a broken heart any more take this blood that flows my veins the air that fills my lungs the laughter that made a smile a soul that was never mine life that I never asked… Read More

you there?

Two lonely words… I’ve said them a few. They always stare back, when they’re meant for you.

Daddy’s Girl?

Let’s see, where should begin? For a couple of weeks, I haven’t been feeling the greatest. Hence, my most recent post and it’s morbid tone. Although, if I hadn’t posted what I did and the way I did,… Read More

Journal Entry # 144 – Someday, It’ll be Too Late

If suddenly you forget me, do not look for me, for I shall already have forgotten you. – Pablo Neruda

Grave Turn

I’ll stand that day, at the foot of your grave. Just past the last of those who cared. My presence will be for a moment, give a second for each stolen year. A prayer, I will bring only… Read More

Wilting Love

I held the prettiest flower this morning. It reminded me of you. Sadly, it too had been plucked from its roots.

Harboured Feelings

I had you for a while, then…I lost you to the sea. Alone in these narrows, until the day you return to me.  

Journal Entry # 135 – Never Give Up!

Never give up on something you can’t go a day without thinking about. – Winston Churchill