Daddy’s Girl?

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Let’s see, where should begin? For a couple of weeks, I haven’t been feeling the greatest. Hence, my most recent post and it’s morbid tone. Although, if I hadn’t posted what I did and the way I did, I wouldn’t be typing this to you all right now. I say this, because of the overwhelming support I received from it. I’ve got some pretty cool friends out there in the bloggerverse. They really came to my side, almost instantaneously let me add. I’m a very lucky guy.

So, back to the task at hand. Some of you know I suffer from anxiety and depression. By god, it really had a good hold on me this time. When it does, it’s like I become automatized Ash, a robot just going through the motions. This past Easter Sunday, I turned another year older and like the past few years, my annual celebration had an asterisk by it. Two weeks to the day of my birthday, I began to start to feel what I call a fog moving in. With it, came the thoughts, the emotions, and the many late nights of hopelessness and overthinking. Nothing was of any value and each time I try to break out of it, the haze crept back around. The trigger? The relationship with my daughter or lack thereof is what I should say. Being that it was my birthday, I had hoped for a birthday wish that unfortunately didn’t come true. I reached out but once again, to no avail. I guess that’s when my lust for anything died right there on the spot.

It pains me to say this, but we are closing in on almost three years and each and every single day it gets harder. Family and friends tell me all the time it’ll get better. That this is just a phase and eventually she’ll come around. Nah…not sure about that. I like to think so, but I’m no longer confident that that will happen. Though I’m grateful they try their best to make me feel better. It helps for sure. Truth is, in my heart, I lost my daughter a long time ago. That little sparkle in her eye that she had when she used to look at me as since fizzled out. Look, I wasn’t perfect and as a father, I made mistakes. There’s penance to be made and wrongs to right. I just need an opportunity to win her back. I know I can do it if I was given a chance, face to face. Right now though, I’m still on the outside looking in. Respecting her wishes. To take that harsh reality around with you all the time has become for me quite a heavy load. My heart breaks virtually every day. How pathetic, I’m looking over my shoulder as I walk when I see a young woman from afar. Heads always on a swivel as I weave through busy traffic. Was that her? It’s manic sometimes. I try to move on like people tell me, it’s not as easy as that.

When I posted the other day, did I mean that I was walking away from writing for good? Kind of. Automatized Ash was ready to. A funk so bad I just wanted to throw in the towel on everything, to be honest. Forbid happiness altogether. Trust me, feelings of hurting my daughter and failing as a father trumps its all. My own personal life sentence if you will. I can’t lie, having a grown 21-year-old daughter out in the world who doesn’t need you or wants anything to do with you is like being in your own personal purgatory. No light to go toward, no darkness to swallow you up.

I don’t know, I had thought that I was coping better. I even made some pretty good breakthroughs, but as soon as something like a birthday or holiday pops up, boom, the foundation implode. It moves front and center taking precedence over anything else that’s going on, slowly eating away at me from the inside out. It’s a vicious cycle. I’ve tried so many things to rekindle our relationship. Letters, texts, calls, space, you name it and I tried it all. Each time, I come up short. Another two steps back. Each time, I go through virtually every emotion possible until my heart wears out. Wow, I never thought I would pour myself out on my blog like this. But after some of you chimed in with concern and worry, I felt it was time to bleed out some of this pain and not hold back. Thanks for that by the way.

As for the future of Earth to Ash? Well, these last few days I decided that I would not think about writing, not think about anything other than getting better. Just try my best to force myself out of the fog. This is where it all comes full circle. After reading some of your comments and noticing that more followers were coming on board even though I was almost pulling the plug, I began to realize something. It was like you were trying to throw me a lifeline. Trying to tell me something that I was too stubborn at the time to see. Folks, I’m sorry I almost took my ball and went home. The way I was feeling was winning the battle. Once a few of you reached out to me, I immediately started to reflect on why I was throwing my blog away. Why rob myself of something that means so much to me? If I walk away from writing, I may as well become that robot. Because there’s a lot more to life. It might be tough right now, but there is always tomorrow. So, here I am, rising from the Ash. See, feeling better already. No, I’m ready for another 12 rounds of getting my daughter back in my life, ready for more Earth to Ash.

Lastly, I ask that you be patient with me as I might not be in full form right away, but I can assure you that I’m not going anywhere. Well, nowhere other than continuing to try to get my daughter back.

Thanks, everybody for reading my rant and allowing me to be real for a moment. I dedicate this post to all of you.

And Ashton, if you’re reading this somewhere, someday…Dad loves you and I’m sorry.


13 thoughts on “Daddy’s Girl?

  1. What an absolute roller coaster of emotions this was. It started off grim. I had an idea of how you felt, but I had none when it came to the depth of your emotions. I’m really sorry you’ve been feeling that way.
    And then I started smiling for a second here and there as you wrote about not giving up. Were you smiling as you wrote it? Or were you at least thinking about smiling? It would have been a step in the right direction.
    The finale brought hope and strength.
    You can do this!

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    1. Thank you said blogger friend. And yes I was smiling come to think of it. I’m glad you liked the post. New territory with the emotional stuff. Just felt right. Thanks for stopping by and picking me up. Means a lot. Appreciate the positive note as well.

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  2. Ash, I can’t pretend I know how you feel. But I know you can to this. You can move forward. You can continue writing and reaching out to your daughter.
    I am glad you are not giving up. And who knows? Your daughter is still young. I hope one day when she gets a bit older things will change. Keep going, Ash.
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words G. You’re right I can. Again you’re one of the said blogger friends and I’m lucky to have you in my corner. Thanks for reading and thanks for your checking in on me. There’s a lifetime to go, so let see what’s in the chapters to come. Take care

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  3. I have only just read this message and I had no idea of the pain and suffering you must be going through but I sure as hell know 1 person who knows “exactly” how you feel… If you every need to talk to someone who truly understands, let me know and I will give you their personal contact info. Hugs!!!!

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    1. Awe thanks Denise for reading. I didn’t expect to see a comment from someone in my backyard. Appreciate the kind words and your support. It’s hard indeed, but we must carry on… 🙂


  4. Oh Ash, I’m so sorry. Hugs. My brother and his wife have gone through this separation with their daughter, went through it for a period with my son, but furthermore, I was this daughter myself.
    It’s so easy to judge our parents mistakes, failures, shortcomings when we haven’t faced life, it’s difficulties, challenges, for ourselves and hold very high ideals and theories. Couple this with the longing to stretch our wings, be our own person, make our own decisions , be adults and freshly popping into the legal adult life.
    But life happens and we discover that…its hard, we make mistakes and don’t always know what to do. We begin to realize that the people who “owned” our lives were trying to protect them, thise who we thought had all the answers didn’t and they were just doing the best they could and hoping it was the right things to do, adulthood isnt the fantasy life we thought it would be.
    It may take a few years, it also takes time to choke down the pride of our immaturity and discover that we wish for the love and support of our parents to help us get through life…bit we do get there.
    What’s problematic is time. The longer we remain distant the more difficult it becomes until you just dont know how to reconnect or what to say so Ash, although she isn’t responding now. Continue to reach out, keeping the light in the window, so to speak.
    Address the itial issue but then let it go. Just reach put with what’s happening in your life, keep it light or off topic, that way she knows your part on the issue but it isnt made a constant reminder nor feels pressure to address it or swallow her pride. Keeping the conversation light will make it easier to test the water without having to deal with heavy emotions. Always end with love and hope.
    Then be patient, she will come back. The more of life and experience we face, the more we wish for the comfort and support of our daddys…the more we realize we’ll need our daddys all our lives.
    Hugs friend. This too shall pass.

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    1. Laura, you’re something else. To take the time to write to me and say that, well, I’m touched. It’s so refreshing to see the perspective of others and especially so when you have lived it. I will treasure this advice and use it wisely. She’s unfortunately blocked any avenue I’ve tried so far, but like you said, I will always leave the light on. You’ve made my day and I appreciate your friendship. Take care.


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