Still Ashing Things Out

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Hey everybody,

Right out of the gate, allow me to give some special attention to my many new followers. It seems Earth to Ash has been on fire as of late. So, with all this attention coming my way, I thought it was the perfect time to give the new folks a shout out. I’m grateful that you all take the time out of your busy day to pop by and read what this guy has to share. I hope to get a chance to interact with you at some point, but for now, welcome aboard. And, not to forget those who have gotten me this far already, thanks to all of you all as well for your continued love and support. Virtual fist bumps all around, I’d be nowhere without every last one of you.

Now, with that said, let me go ahead and also use this opportunity to catch up a bit. My normal Ash posts have been few and far between, it’s a nice change of pace for sure. Speaking of pace, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been pretty active as of late and it’s all unconscious really. A couple of my readers and fellow bloggers have made comment in the last few weeks and asked why I have been posting more. My only response to that was simply that when the creative juices are flowing, you just have to go with it. Am I right? I’m happy though people have taken notice. It’s reassuring to know that you have an audience patiently waiting for your next entry and when you hit a good momentum, it’s awesome to hear such positive feedback. So, I’m just going to continue to ride this wave of inspiration until the tide washes me ashore again.

For the most part, I’ve just been pretty much sticking to my old ways and keeping my blog categories moving along. I don’t really have any rhythm or reason to my posts. I do try to get something out of me every day as it keeps the anxiety of writing at bay. Quotes, which I love, help me with that, it keeps me in touch. Fact is, and I’ve said this before, everything that I write just comes out of me when it wants to anyway, especially my poems. When they come, they come pouring out in the moment and there’s no stopping it. Sure, maybe I could have more structure or discipline, but keeping a good balance and being consistent is not something real life allows from time to time. Though, I am getting better with allocating my time and making sure I keep my focus which is to always keep active. I’ve already seen a return on my recent hard work too, hence this entry and said, new followers.

All I can say is to just stay tuned and let’s see what’s next for Earth to Ash. Over the winter, I have been collecting some fresh new ideas and now that spring is just around the corner and trust me, where I live that’s the equivalent to a bear coming out of hibernation. No, I can’t wait to start putting meat to the bones of my thoughts. Winters are rough here, but at least it’s a good time to take a step back and look at my blog as a reader.

As I leave you my friends, old and new, I have to ask. What is it that keeps you dialled into Earth to Ash? Are you happy with the content that I currently provide? Would there be something that you would like to see? I am always open for suggestions and of course, criticism works too. Rest assured, it won’t be long now before I start to venture outside again and begin to pump out some new and familiar content, in particular, my Bike Rider series. I can’t say enough about how much I am itching to get my new bike which is very soon. And, once I do, oh boy, it will be the return of the Bike Rider and that makes me all kinds of excited.

Please, by all means, drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts and one last time before I go, thanks again for reading my blog and allowing me to jump into your daily lives and share with you a little Earth to Ash.


10 thoughts on “Still Ashing Things Out

  1. Pleasure to read your post,keep up the good work.Could you try and write some more up lifting stuff we all need more happiness in our life.

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      1. Talking about the alarm clock a certain somebody had a clock pick out to bring in for your better half birthday gift,made her put it back.ha ha.

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  2. I’ve taken my bike around for a ride already. It was so exhilarating, even if it was just around the block for a couple of minutes.

    Remember that story you once started writing? I’m curious to see how it developed.

    As far as constructive criticism comes – you do you. I prefer your original work to the quotes, but I understand they help you and some of your readers. I think you have an interesting variety on your blog.

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    1. Really? I’m glad to have someone share my passion. The bike is pretty freeing, isn’t it? As for the story, I think I got a little overzealous in thinking I can keep that pace. That said, I was already sitting on another story that I currently have 16 chapters completed, so, I am concentrating on that one. I know, I know, shame on me lol. As for your critique,’re one of my best writer friends I speak of from time to I hear you. Thanks for staying with me…stay tuned!!!

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      1. I would never compare myself to some of those insane bikers (like you), but I do like my two wheels quite a bit.

        16 chapters is A LOT! Keep at it.

        I’m honored by your kind words. Stay Golden!

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      2. Don’t be foolish, I bet you could keep up with the best of em. I’m glad you’re enjoying the biking. Great exercise too. Yeah, I usually write my story a few times a week. Think I should start posting?

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      3. It’s up to you, but I’d encourage it. I might not be able to read a chapter of 5k words every day, but breaking it up into smaller chunks would enable you to get the feedback you need. However, if you actually plan on publishing one day, I would re-consider. Someone sometime ago told me that publishing houses don’t take on projects that were already published (yes, even on a blog).

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