Bike Writer # 58 – Life, Make a Brake for it!

Don’t escape from life, escape toward it. – Ash

7 thoughts on “Bike Writer # 58 – Life, Make a Brake for it!

    1. Hey, just seeing this now. Spam strikes again. Yeah, been in a funk lately and this little video pulled me out of it somewhat. I have not been writing much because real life tends to kill my creativity and I have been super busy at work. Sucks, I really need to get back to basics and stop making excuses when writing. Glad you liked ot though. A little video to make you smile. Take care!!

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      1. I hear ya. It kind of seems like you and I are in the same boat. We see the sun come from behind the horizon and then… a big wave comes along and capsizes us… But we get back up once sunlight is seen… and then the wave comes again. Ehhh… Hopefully we find a sturdier boat or the waves stop coming with such high frequency.
        Stay golden as always 🙂

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