What Does it Call For Tomorrow?

The ocean called out for me todayit’s salt carried to my lips by a piercing winda message kept from a childhood forgotten

Bar Keep

When I turned that key, the night was finally overIt wasn’t easy, they threw a few fistsMad that the ale had dried up Now, in the calm of being left aloneI would start with the ashesdumping out another… Read More


I punish for love, you punish forever.

Heart Attack

You broke my heart once more. But, it’s OK. At least it felt something.

Journal Entry # 133 – Big Sky, Small World

Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you and misses you; Because one day, you might wake up and realize. You lost the moon while counting the stars!


Without you, my life is my sentence.

I’m Broken

By the ocean, before the night. I broke, from missing you.

Forgotten Notes

Let me sing to you, my daughter, so I may make the strings of your heart, play music that’s in between.

My Redemption

My memory is all I have to adore you. A broken heart still bleeding for attention. Before the picture fades, I pray for a lost connection. My fault bears a cross, though, it was never my intention. Forgive… Read More

A Grand Memory

I thought of you this morning while walking to work, there was something about the air, I smiled. It made me recall some random end-of-summer day, much like today. You were steaming up the harbor, towards home, from… Read More