What Does it Call For Tomorrow?

The ocean called out for me todayit’s salt carried to my lips by a piercing winda message kept from a childhood forgotten

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Ashback # 8 – Wolverine Gull

Hey everybody, I received a comment on my blog this morning that was left on yesterday’s entry. It not only blew me away, but it also hyper-spaced me down memory lane. It was from an old friend of mine from my childhood. Scratch that, an old best friend of mine, and boy did it instantly […]

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For That Moment

I sat one day. Alone, on a palette chair. Sit in spatters and their quiet stories. Did watch as pebbles danced in entertain. For granted, I was easily led. So naive that tomorrow won’t go away. It was a peace that drunk me. There, emotion could never touch. Strange was any voice of hurt. All […]

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