Feel that Draft?

Hey there,
It’s Tuesday, I’m sitting here on my lunch hour from work, listening to Mulgrid Miller, feeling all posty. The only thing is, I got nothing, nada, zilch, I’m blocked, just staring at a blinking cursor and a slew of material sitting dormant in my drafts. My mind has been mush for a few days now, nothings been firing and I’m caught in a bit of a funk. I have been struggling with my creativity from a poetry perspective as well, comes with the territory and I hate it. Lately, I’ve been primed and ready to change the world only to fall into some YouTube wormhole or slap my laptop closed after immediately becoming void of thought.

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I’m literally doing the same thing in the above picture right now. Some time ago I wrote about the importance of just writing, my post Just Write was basically a way for me to get through a similar stint of writers’ block, so after taking a look at my drafts I realize that I have so many thoughts that still sit stagnate, still not posted. I know, I know, writing about not writing is cheating but hey, don’t hate me for just going with it.
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I read a post yesterday by J. A. Allen that talked about how hard it is to fit writing into your everyday lifestyle. She wrote about the fact that she has a full-time job, kids, and loads of other responsibilities that take precedence over her writing. Her post kind of resonated with me and my own struggle with fitting writing into my everyday. It’s hard, it’s a challenge indeed, then, when you finally get an opportunity to write, boom, you hit a wall.
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For me, it all starts with a draft, it starts with that initial thought that hits me. Sometimes I know right away that I am on to something, other times though, there’s something just not right about it. I need to “feel that draft”.  I’m sure my writer friends can relate, I bet there’s a draft that’s sitting there right now that never seems to be good enough to let go of, am I correct? Are you like me? Like an elementary kid unveiling a class project, twisting my foot looking down at the ground before I feel its good enough to say goodbye to.
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It’s all part of the process of writing I guess, I started this post staring aimlessly at a bunch of unfinished thoughts, now because of that I got something out of me, something posted. I hope that I keep the momentum going, just hitting the publish button was gratifying in itself knowing that I am slowly shaking off this fog. What’s important is that I don’t stop, just keep on keeping on, I hope that just like that post that I read from J. A. Allen, Split Ends and House Flies, you will find some sort of inspiration and realize that those thoughts that have taken up what looks like permanent residency in your drafts could be for you, that next great post. Take another look, go on, maybe this time you’ll feel that draft.
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13 thoughts on “Feel that Draft?

  1. Even when you can’t write, you still write well lol. The first creative writing teacher I had used to have us write for ten minutes at the beginning of every class. We had to write something. He said even if you wrote “I don’t know to write” over and over again, it still counted. Obviously redundant as hell, but it solidified the habit of writing every day, even if it seemed insignificant.

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  2. I’m a writer and I know all the woes that come along with that title. I often feel like that one gif you have with the guy throwing his computer across the room! I have a draft of a book I created that I have yet to finish editing because I got discouraged. Its not over 100000 words and I thought that it would suck if it was anything less. I’m realizing that some stories are meant to be less words though. Anyway, lets try to shake off the funk and get to work!

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  3. I am a writer, working with an oil major in India and can very well relate to what you have written. Time is the most precious resource for me as it is very scarce, creativity is something that writers are gifted with. Very well written.

    Check out some of my blog posts which you may like.


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  4. “I bet there’s a draft that’s sitting there right now that never seems to be good enough to let go of, am I correct? ” Hell yeah you are correct…though I’m not a writer…there’s a ton load of drafts sitting there staring at me.

    I get inspired in almost everything I do considering my blog is basically a lifestyle blog. If I don’t stop what I’m doing and start writing those thoughts down,,, they go pooffff… happened to me just this week.

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