Days In Our Lives Together


I was with you for a while
every one of those moments I playback when I think of you
when my heart is calling out for yours to hear
your skin a shade of an angel
hair…I remember its smell tucked close under my chin
when you smiled the whole world became happy
and those eyes
they kept exploding my heart stretching it with love
you are the best thing that ever happened to me
a day that changed my life
so beautiful and full of hope…and my daughter
our bond and made up language only ours
will be forever
your laughter is what I hear the most, only it grows faint
those days I miss you so much it kills me a little bit more
reminds me how I am living with an empty heart
with a box full of memories
slowly losing what it feels like to have a pulse
as the pages of my mind bleed ink
disappearing the days of our lives together
all I have left are these words to keep going

8 thoughts on “Days In Our Lives Together

      1. Don’t give up before the miracle happens. It took me 6 1/2 years with out seeing my daughter at all, and no communication. She flew up to Washington State from Florida in March. It was as if no time had passed, and we didn’t end things well. They just began again so beautifully! A lot of prayer on this side from so many who knew that it killed me inside. She will be 25 this month. I get the pain. She is absolutely beautiful! Blessings

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      2. Wow, so you definitely feel my pain. It gives me hope we people like yourself share their stories. It’s hard everyday, but some days it’s too much to think about. When I write it about it, it helps me release that hurt. It makes me happy that you found your way back. That reinforces my hope that it will work out someday. Thanks for your kinds words and they made me smile.

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    1. Thank you my friend. That meant a lot you know. To me it’s not what pushed her away because if I told you’d you would still be scratching your head. It’s what keeps her away that I have trouble with. Appreciate your comment, she does have a radiant smile. Take care.

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      1. Yeah, that’s probably exactly what it is. Instead of trying to figure it all out, she has opted to run from it. That makes sense to me too. My weekend is good, had a hurricane here on Friday…bunch of damage but we did OK thorough it all. Been beautiful since. Hoping the same for you. Thanks for the comment and takes even more for your support.

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