Earth to Ash Podcast Episode # 9 – So, What’s Dove Got To Do With It?

Welcome back, join me and my continuing conversation about my thoughts, feelings, and emotions to the world around me.

In this episode, I talk about how seeing a white dove helped me decide to change my life. How sometimes the hardest job can be taking a new one. And, how the universe speaks to us. Oh, and as always, I throw in a poem and a quote for good measure.



3 thoughts on “Earth to Ash Podcast Episode # 9 – So, What’s Dove Got To Do With It?

  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying your new job.

    RE: no one reaching out from your old old job when you got laid off – ehhh, I hear ya. In the last position that I left – I thought we were a great team and that we would all keep in touch, or at least go out when I was leaving. That was the plan. But it never happened… Never got anything. I was there one day and wasn’t there the next. Live moved on. I have to admit that it made me bitter a bit, too. But, I understand that I left them hanging (they struggled a long time to find anyone and now they have, but the person is not working on the level I have (I’m not boasting, just observing and was told by others, too)). We had someone leave recently, who I thought everyone loved. However, as that person was leaving, all of sudden started talking bout their shortcomings. The person that replaced them was welcomed so warmly (it was someone who used to be in that position in the past), but apparently, when that person was leaving years ago, no one seemed fond of her… It just reminded me how fake and superficial people are… Well said that it’s about you and not about those work relationships. If they are meant to last, they will. Good employees are not easy to come by. Employers don’t want to lose them and those employees feel bad about leaving. But, as you said – those relationships don’t pay the bills. Too often we stay out of loyalty when they couldn’t care less.

    Doves and shooting stars! I hope that opens a fabulous future!

    Amen to what you said about change. Go for it!

    Great poem!

    Don’t worry. Blog/podcast when you can. I definitely understand. Life…

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    1. Love this comment. Expected it. Yeah, not so much as a text. Life lesson so I’m better for it, and the same goes for you. You know your value and when it’s put in question they win. Don’t let it. I’m guilty too. I/you know what we bring to the table and that’s why we are where are. You deserve the world like I said. I appreciate you as always and stay golden!!!

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