One Day in May!

One day in May,
will forever be.
When a gift was born,
and bestowed upon me.

One day in May,
as flowers grew.
Love, true love,
that first look at you.

One day in May,
20 years now past.
Apart we’ve become,
my love outcast.

One day it may,
find a way home.
Where I’ll be waiting,
no more alone.

Still Lost – ‘took this pic on my run’

DSC_0058.JPGServed purpose, now kicked away.
Maybe lost, surely forgotten.
I catch my breath in thought,
thinking about your story.
How long will you lay there?
Facing the sun,
full of hope that someone comes searching.
’til then…you’ll wait.

Still Searching for My Sunset

‘Every morn…I look up for a brighter sun,
to cast away clouds that still pursue me.

Told that time will move them forward,
patience should be a friend.

Though, all I feel as I gaze toward each daily set,
is that I am still losing both.

Until I See You

download (10).jpeg

 Until…I see you,
my heart will save your place.

I’ll gather the missing beats,
store them just in case.

Until I see you,
my love is forced to pace.

Until I see you,
no more does a broken heart race.