A Shade of Ash # 13 – Back To The Future

My birthday was just a few days ago and it made me realize something about getting a little older. Age is inevitable. But, at the same time, it is invaluable. Because the more time I have to reflect on who I am, the more insight I gain on becoming who I want to be. – Ash

A Shade of Ash # 6 – Why does the happiest day of my life keep breaking my heart?

I tried again today as I have tried so many times since the last heartstring that bound us severed. For a split-second, I got to hear your voice. For a split-second, I thought you would listen to mine. It was the longest pause yet…trust me, I know.

So, Ashton, I guess it’s another “Happy Birthday” sent off into the universe with all my love. Maybe it will find the world I’ve lost and help return it to me.

– Dad xoxo