Walked To Death

It was as midnight as midnight could bethat late, dogs cried at the moonall the way downas I followed you straight to an early gravenot once knowingignorant, childish, wishing for my own homewe shared nothing no words, not… Read More

Buffering – What’s Next, Who’s Next?

Hey peeps, I thought it was necessary to give my awesome followers a fair warning that something’s coming. Something very overdue. So, my friends, later tonight or 100% tomorrow we will all get another glimpse into the world… Read More

Rose From The Ash

I remember first being coldalone, outside and inmy eyes sore, drainedpinched red

Salty Secret

Where were the tears that day? Our loss must have voided my heart. Each time I taunted with emotion, my soul would squeeze even tighter. Then, past a wet wind’s gale. I saw your empty face. It was… Read More

Last Call From Beyond

There was an alone never felt before. The night giving way to the morning. I watched the mist dance. Skin crawling from a day’s long. As I sat paralyzed thinking every story was true. Struck four and I… Read More

A Grand Memory

I thought of you this morning while walking to work, there was something about the air, I smiled. It made me recall some random end-of-summer day, much like today. You were steaming up the harbor, towards home, from… Read More

Mortal Less?

Hey everybody, Today there was news that kind of put me off, shook me as soon as read the text from my mother early this morning. Late last night my step-cousin passed away, she had battled diabetes for… Read More