Buffering – What’s Next, Who’s Next?

Hey peeps,

I thought it was necessary to give my awesome followers a fair warning that something’s coming. Something very overdue. So, my friends, later tonight or 100% tomorrow we will all get another glimpse into the world of The Red Journal. I have been hemming and hawing internally for too long creatively. It’s time for all of us to see who’s been doing all the killing in Jamestown and what Jamestown’s finest will do about it.

Two murders have already taken place and they both have a strange paranoid connection to Det. Sarah Wilson, lead detective on the case. Teamed up with her Uncle, Ethan Frost, Sarah is tasked not only professionally, but also emotionally in finding a killer. The killer of her ex boyfriend, Kevin, and last we checked her best friend, Jessie. That’s two murders and not one single clue to who might have done it. Sarah believes that she may be next or possibly someone close to her. What’s next, who’s next?

OK, to get you up to speed, here’s a link to The Red Journal Page where you will find every entry to date. And, if you are new to the story, well, it’s a tale I started on a whim some time ago and promised to see through. I’m doing so on the fly and evolving as I go until I find an end to my story. Simple as that, so I hope you keep coming back for more. All comments are welcomed to by the way. It helps big time along with motivating me. An awesome blogger bud I have is actually responsible for this one. He lite a fire under me and gave me until the weekend to post, I have him to thank for that. Follow this golden path to his piece of the world and incredible blog. He’s a great talent and one of my best critics. Shoots straight and I get better because of it.

Thanks everyone for all your support with this project of mine and as always, without you I’d have no voice. You matter!!!!


11 thoughts on “Buffering – What’s Next, Who’s Next?

      1. Thanks, just realized my story did not post in the reader. Tried three times now and it won’t show. So disappointing. Losing viewership because of it. Not happy. Appreciate the support though.

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    1. Thank you, this is another comment that never made it through. Not cool. Anyway, yeah I thought it was too as when I was taking a quick look at the story for consistency, I realized it was a while since the story stopped. I appreciate all your help and critique.

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