A Shade of Ash # 7 – Son of a Birch

Hey everybody, Hope you’re having an awesome day! Every picture tells a story or is a key to one. – Ash Whenever I see a pile of wood by the side of the road or in someone’s front… Read More

A Shade of Ash # 3 – (Altared Youth)

Hey everybody, I hope you’re all doing well. Next up… I delve into uncharted territory with the below prompt with special guest, God. So, without further adieu, let’s see what we got. Do you still have the same… Read More

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day!!!

Hey Everyone, It’s National Indigenous Peoples Day here in Canada, and given that I’m 3rd generation myself, I am dedicating today’s entry to my grandmother. She was Mi’kmaw, and a member of the Miawpukek First Nation. I’m currently… Read More

Send Me an Angel

I haven’t looked up in a while I did…last night you were there as promised with a smile that saved my day

That Song

I remember that song. Every note just for me. Sweet melody, aimed straight toward my heart. Our souls in tandem with the music. I’d bathe in the cast of your light. You with that grin. I’m there sometimes,… Read More

Journal Entry # 26 – So far, So good!

“There’s not a day that I don’t thank the Lord for…so far, so good I suppose” – Theresa Douglas

Journal Entry #19 – My Sun

“I have late night conversations with the moon, he tells me about the sun and I tell him about you.” – S.L. Gray

Round Field

All I hear is the wind, the rain…slaps at me. My mind has frozen, but whitecaps still capture. To the bone and in drench, I see the window… where you’re waiting.  

Someday Again

Fist held against your chin staring beyond, adrift in recollection. A ponder of well-being was the focus of those faraway eyes. Rock…rock until contentment, unbroken ritual. You miss, you worry, because you loved. The tittle-tattle of your kindred… Read More

Ash Wednesday

Yesterday was “me Wednesday”, the sun was shining, March was upon us and I saw a person with what I thought was dirt on their face. Actually, yesterday marked the first day of Lent (pun intended) where many… Read More