Story Jots # 1 – Soon…

In the bowels of those human cages, he promised soon he would have his revenge. A promise that has kept him alive all this time. A promise he made ten years ago to his fiance on that dark… Read More

A Shade of Ash – Prompt # 2 (Gif)

Hey there again, Let’s celebrate my lax posting lately with another prompt entry shall we? Choose one gif that describes how you feel about you blog followers The post is inspired by what my face pretty much looks… Read More

A Shade of Ash – Prompt # 1 (Haiku)

Hey everybody, I’m just going to get right into it, looks like my very first post starts with a curve ball. Let’s have a little fun with it, jump in and give it a shot. No pressure!!! Write… Read More

I’ll Be Prompt

Hey all, I was walking to work this morning and I took a quick look at my WordPress app and quickly realized that it’s been two weeks already since my last post…eesh. I admit, I started to panic… Read More