Earth to Ash Podcast – Episode # 1 – In Pod I Trust


10 thoughts on “Earth to Ash Podcast – Episode # 1 – In Pod I Trust

  1. Hmm… so…
    1. Kudos on getting rid of the background noise.
    2. I have no idea if I’ll be able to listen to those. Only about 30 seconds play on WP and when I click to listen to it on Spotify, I am told that I cannot listen unless I have that file saved or something like that. I imagine it might be the fact that I don’t have an account.
    Any suggestions?

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    1. Omg, I’m so glad you told me that. You can download either Spotify or anchor app. You don’t need a membership, there are free versions. That said. Tomorrow I will post the audio file and will moving forward. I appreciate you.

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  2. What a beautiful poem… Made my eyes sweat. And your words after it… Touching. Relatable.

    Yay for Red Journal continuation.

    Not having enough sunlight during the day definitely does a number on you. Ever since I moved to a warmer climate, I’ve noticed a vast improvement in my mental health during winter. Yet another plus about Christmas time – days start getting longer again!

    “Dash of Ash” – love it!

    How do you say ‘carts?’

    OMG 10 to 6. Can’t stop laughing. How the heck did you mess that up?!

    First day at work/school? No, nothing memorable… I think I just remember the feeling of being overwhelmed by everything.

    I’m still enjoying the tune in the background. Very calming and relaxing.

    Good stuff!

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    1. This is the perfect response and I have been anticipating it. You don’t know what it means to read what you said. Thank you so much. Dash of Ash came to me a few days ago, so I decided to add it and it may become a thing. Your opinion means the world to me and I’m glad I made you happy. As for the 10-6…yeah, duh right? Hahahaha. Stay tuned more to come my dear friend.

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