Earth to Ash Podcast – Episode # 2 – Habouring Feelings


2 thoughts on “Earth to Ash Podcast – Episode # 2 – Habouring Feelings

  1. I’m riding on a cloud of positivity lately, too. It’s fun, isn’t it?
    You said that some people had issues with the music in your last episode. I thought it was great. However, this one is a bit… too loud and distracting. It seems like you will never satisfy everyone.
    Yes, places don’t have memories, but places spark our memories.
    I agree that being an ‘inner thinker’ helps spark the passion for writing.

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    1. I am so happy for you. I’m glad you have hit a stride. We are spirit animals in that respect and in the respect of being inner thinkers. I know, I listened too and was fine with the first episode. May go back. Tha nks for the listen and I appreciate you!!!

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