Earth to Ash Podcast – Episode # 3 – Thank You For Being A Friend


7 thoughts on “Earth to Ash Podcast – Episode # 3 – Thank You For Being A Friend

  1. I so often hear: “X wouldn’t want us to be sad” or something like that. It’s almost a cliche – something we just say… I’m very wary about saying that myself. Am I sure they wouldn’t want me to be sad for losing them? Are the people I have in mind that have passed just not that pleasant? Maybe they died thinking that I have not been there for them when they needed me most. Maybe they want me to have regrets… Eh…

    One of my recent posts was a story about brothers. After reading it, someone told me they went to call their brother. I thought it was amazing. This podcast is a wonderful reminder to reach out to those close to us.

    “You know what that person’s heart is talking to you about.” Absolutely perfect.

    Isn’t it so weird when people perceive you totally different from what you think you project?

    When I try to get to know someone, I listen and give them the ability to shine.

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    1. Wow, never looked at it that way before. That could very well be the case. Maybe we say that because we feel bad I guess, but yeah, it is cliche for sure. That’s awesome about the brother. That’s what I love about this thing we do, we have no idea sometimes how others will react to our words. It amazes me too when I hear those things. Good for you. Thanks for your comments btw, I always enjoy your take on my stuff. I depend on it. You know I appreciate you. And, yeah…perception is weird when you think it should be all the same, but when it’s different we step back and scratch our heads in wonder. Lol. Done that a bit in my life. You do certainly give people the chance to shine, it’s the case for me. Stay golden and take care.

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