Bike Rider Lives!!!

Hey everybody,

Been a while right? I know, I know…my bad. It’s how long since I made a good ol’ Ash post? In my defence, my head has a bit quite cloudy as of late, anxiety has really pushed my writing close to a stalemate. My only saving grace has been the project I started a while ago with a new daily-ish post under the “Today” category of Earth to Ash. It’s kept me somewhat active and it’s helped me work through my anxiety. Rotten days. I do want to take a sec though, and thank all of you for the positive feedback with the Today thing, and based on the spike in my followers I consider this category a success.

Now that that’s all out of the way…let’s talk Bike Rider. A reader of mine once commented on one of my bike rider posts of past. They said that they really enjoyed my bike essays and ever since I read that, I have always placed loads of wanted pressure on myself to keep that going. If you follow my blog, you know I love biking. I fell back in love with it two years ago, after my fiance bought me one on the tenth anniversary of my 30th birthday. I’m still loving it, the outdoors, the exercise, the freedom, and I especially love the moments. Moments I intend to share with you, my readers.

One thing I can tell you about Newfoundland, we are notorious for our winters. They can sometimes drag on long, too long, soul-sucking long, which keeps a outdoorsy guy like myself continuously guessing when his next excursion will be. The above video was taken in April, yesterday, May 24, 2018, they had in some areas of the island…40 cms of snow. You read that correctly, FORTHY.

When looking at the above, another moment, it’s pretty cool what people can create, wouldn’t of saw this if I didn’t bike. Hence, comes my plan this summer, to make my Bike Rider category a main feature on Earth to Ash. I may even create a whole new sub-page and give it the attention it deserves, you have spoken, and I have listened. I’m glad too, because it’s something I really enjoy, for me it will be fun from the rides all the way to the writes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

How cool is the video above? Again, another example of why I love being on a bike, you don’t know where you will end up and what you’ll see. This guy in the video, a resident of Bowring Park, was pretty intimidating too, just swan say. OK, before I go and comb through some of my pics and vids, yes the wipe-out one too. Before that, I just want to say I’m really glad to be back. I’m double glad I got this entry out of the system and I’m triple glad it was about a topic I love so much…so exciting. Another sincere thanks for once again sticking with me, thanks for not thinking my website was taken over by robots, and thanks a being the beloved followers you are. Soon, the weather will have to get better and soon as it does, I’ll be hitting the road finally getting the chance to start covering some of that Earth to Ash.

Until then…

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