Clearing My C’ash’e

Hey everybody,

I just wanted to touch base and inform you all that I have not been away on sabbatical, I have not run away with the circus, and I have not been busy making toys for Santa. No, I have been struggling with my home internet services which have been the bane of my existence for almost a week now. My connections at home started to get wonky after my neighbour’s fire two weeks ago and I have been off the grid ever since. I am not a fan. I know its first world problems, but I pay for these things and it’s not cheap. Can I get a Amen??

Anyway my awesome followers, I appreciate your patience and I beg you for just a little more as I have been informed by my provider that this should be resolved today…at some point. Although, I’m not holding my breath as I was told this a bunch of times already. We’ll see. I did manage to score a bunch of credits which does take the sting off a bit, but it’s my blog and my writing that is suffering the most. This is the time of year where I get the most creative and hit with the most nostalgia which leads to a lot of my holiday posting. Don’t worry too much though, as I am writing it all down and it will come as soon as I am back online, pinky swear. By the way, for this post, I’m taking a sec from work to get it published…shhhh! (See the risks I take for you?) 😉

OK, I’m off and I want to just say before I go. I hope all of you are enjoying the preparation for the holidays that are on most of our doorsteps, and I’m sending nothing but positive thoughts to help you get the rest of the way. Take care and I’ll be back hopefully more sooner than later. I appreciate all of you and I very much appreciate your loyalty to Earth to Ash!

I leave you with a reenactment of my weekend.


9 thoughts on “Clearing My C’ash’e

  1. How dare your neighbors set things on fire?

    Your intro made me chuckle. If you’re not helping Santa with presents, then I might not be getting anything this year…

    You’re such an adrenaline junkie, taking a break from work and posting on WP. If we get fired, we’ll sue WP for damages.

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