A Shade of Ash # 4 – This Berry Moment

Hey everybody,

Well, well, well…look who it is? I’m sorry, I truly am, please forgive me as real life is a distraction to kill all creativity. Yup, this past week, ah…nutzo, once again. But hey? I survived, I’m here, and I’m ready to share with you lovely folks another Shade of Ash. This time, inspired by a walk. A walk I took yesterday in the foggy mist which got me thinking.

Oh right, the prompt:

Good Vibes: What makes you smile? What makes you happy?

As foreshadowed, the shot you see above is definitely something that makes me smile, that makes me happy. You know why that is? It’s because for the first time in a long while, I took…for myself, a moment to completely shut the entire whole world out. I had to, I was beginning to become overwhelmed. What do I mean by that, Ash?

Well, Friday, directly after work, I plopped down on the couch in a particularly rotten mood. A few days had compounded at that point and I was left trying to blow out the exhaust. Each day had seemed to morph into the next and I was pinching myself to see if it was really true, if I had made it out of another crazy week intact. There I was, 100% zapped, stretched out on the couch, and in a somewhat semi-conscious state of mind. The news was on, it was it’s usual negative, negative, death, debt, world dying, negative, negative. Then, I went full-on heart-in-throat moment as I suddenly had a spurt of going over in my head of if I had accomplished everything at work. That was soon followed by a quick flash of Christmas and the need for gifts and ending with my attention being drawn back to the news for a weather update which completely switched my brain over to winter commuting.

Life has indeed gotten a few jabs in on me lately. That’s why the photo above is so important. To me at least. As simple as it may be, it’s the perfect reminder of how taking time for yourself can be so valuable. I’m confident most of you can relate with me on this. If we are not careful, life will try its best to get the better of us, start to wear us down. It can change us into something we are not. Couple that with the holidays being right around the corner and we quickly start to show signs of being human and not the superheroes we usually are. Look, it’s OK to wear the cape and save the day for everybody else, most times on a 24/7 basis. But, we have to keep in mind that we too, are just as important. This is not a lecture people by no means, I’m 1000% guilty myself. Maybe, this post will make you stop and think like I did. Tell me, how many of you, like me, go days, sometimes weeks, sometimes God knows how long without taking a moment? A moment for ourselves? You know, to do something that we enjoy, something that brings us happiness, something that can slow the world down a bit? Oh, and I don’t mean you have to be all alone, no, maybe it’s chilling with your family or friends. Anything that simply stops time and makes you smile, makes you happy!

I don’t know. Going through my photos last night looking for a little inspiration, I came across what I’ve coined “This Berry Moment”. Sounds silly, but like I said, it triggered something in me. That little tree with the reddest looking berries you’d ever see, splashed with a sprinkle of winter dew was enough to stop me in my tracks. It gave me instant perspective, and allowed me a moment to appreciate how something so simple, so insignificant, can be such a precious blip of living life. I felt rejuvenated and completely forgot about everything else. No deadlines, no traffic, no Christmas budgets, not one thought about real life outside of the beauty of a lonely dogberry bush. It was a blissful escape.

Before I go, I just want to say, that we do what do because we’re strong. Day after day, so many people depend on us to show up and get things done. And, we embrace it, we accept those challenges and soldier on to make life better for the people we love and care for. We punch the clock for hours and hours to give our bosses the best of our abilities day in and day out. We volunteer, we walk our dogs, scratch our cats, and feed the fish. We drive the kids to practise, visit family, donate blood, and go to church. We take care of it all. Only, often times we fail to take care of someone else who is as equally just as important…and that’s us. And, there is absolutely no question that at the very next sign of need, we’ll grab that cape, toss it around our necks in a split second and fly off once more to save yet another day. That’s what we do. Oh yes, we’ll be ready, we’ll be there, as always. Only, let’s try a little harder to not forget that taking care of ourselves is the only way we can continue to take care of all the others.


8 thoughts on “A Shade of Ash # 4 – This Berry Moment

  1. A berry nice post. I’ve tried to make time for myself these past few days. It was typical me – I battled between doing what I “had” to and not doing what I didn’t want to do. I compromised. Did some stuff that I “had” to, but didn’t particularly want to, but only after I did something that I wanted to do, but didn’t have to.

    Great berry metaphor.

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  2. Take it easy buddy it will get better after all the kinks are taken out and then you’ll be complaining it’s to straight forward lol.

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  3. Again, we are on the same page! Very timely post. I’ve drafted a post very much the same tone, an explanation of where I’ve been and that I needed time for me and the importance of taking that time for each of us. I dont think I could’ve said it all any better than you have right here! Bravo!

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    1. Thanks, Laura. My last few weeks have been crazy to point I can’t tell what day it is anymore. All I am focused on now is making it to the holidays to get back to good and in a better place mentally and physically. Hope you’re getting through it too…you got this and I’m sure you’ll save the day. Take care and sending positive thoughts your way!!!

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