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Hey all,

Up for a laugh?

Over the holidays I went to the Mall to shop. I hate the mall and the only reason I was there was because I had a gift card and wanted to use it for some last minute presents. It was the 23rd and I had a small window in the afternoon to shop, so I popped by and made a straight dash to this particular store in which I had the gift card for. All I was focused on was getting in and out as soon as possible before the place got too crazy with other holiday shoppers.

I arrived at the parking lot, and being that it was still early in the morning, I was able to score a spot straight away. So far, so good. I parked and entered the building at the main entrance which was closest to the escalators. I’d take them to the bottom floor and be that much closer to getting the heck out of there. I reached the escalators, grabbed the top rail, took my first step and…boom! I fell flat on my back and got ass-raked by the escalator steps for about five more stairs. Moving stairs!!!

Yup, I remember thinking how everyone in the world was seeing me do this. Seeing me fall flat on my butt right there smack dab in the center of the mall. In my head, it was all happening in slow motion. Once my momentum had stopped and I was able to get to my feet again, I started to hear “Are you OK?” “Hey, buddy…you alright?” So, how do you think I managed to survive the embarrassment? Well, pretty much the same way I always find myself out of every awkward moment in my life, with a joke.

My brain is always going, I’m firing all the time and it’s typically not hard for me to find the humor in anything immediately on the spot. Therefore, as I stood there with my ass on fire from those spiky things you see on the edge of each escalator stair, I look at everybody and said. “No, I’m OK, thanks. I think I’m just coming down with something.” It instantly made everyone laugh or at least smile and I was able to save myself from further embarrassment. Though, it didn’t stop me from fast-walking my way as far as I could from all the commotion. My butt was hurting, although I think my ego was the more bruised.

Yeah, that moment was embarrassing for sure. I have a few of them in my life up to this point. All of this being said, I’m glad I really didn’t hurt myself too bad and I’m happy I was able to give everyone a laugh after their initial laugh of me falling. Cause you know they did on the inside, let’s be real. When in doubt, laugh it out! Anyway, what about you folks? How do you find yourself out of an embarrassing or awkward moment? Do you retreat to implode while b-lining it to the nearest exit with a face beet red? Or do you just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on? Or, maybe you’re like me and find it easy to laugh at yourself? Let me know in the comments.

At the end of the day we are all human and things like this happen all the time. No matter how bad it may seem in the moment, most times we can look back on them with a shade of humor. Sometimes laugh out loud like in my case. Just remember that like every experience in your life, even the not so great ones, there may be something you can learn from them. For me, that day I learned that not only am I klutz, but I am a funny one. See…that’s positive thinking right there, people.

Hope I made you laugh or smile or grin!!!


5 thoughts on “EmbarrAshed

  1. A great tale about the embarrassment and dealing with it. I’m glad that you didn’t hurt yourself more than you did. This could have gone all sorts of bad. You could have been sucked into it at the end!
    A funny come back. Well done.
    I’d just shake it off, do my business asap, and get out of there. At least you provided some small talk material for the day.

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