Snow Way!!! You’re From Newfoundland?

Hey All,

Yup, you’re reading that map from our local news channel correctly, it looks like tomorrow will be the end of my back. The whole city is bracing for one of the worst winter storms we’ve seen in years. Gas stations, liquor stores, cab companies, and grocery stores are making a killing. Oh, and I’m convinced this phenomenon of storm chips have become a new part of our culture. There’s even a hashtag all about it #stormchips

I’m born and raised a Newfoundlander and trust me, I know snowstorms, blizzards, and the like. We all do, the ones that choose to live on this little island in the Atlantic. Although, this latest one could be a rare doozy. The winds are to hit up to 200 kms/hr and the threat of losing power is a warned concern. Some years ago, we lost power for if I remember correctly, about a week. It might have been more, I’m too lazy to Google it, but it I know it was extraordinarily longer. It was deemed Dark NL (Dark Newfoundland and Labrador) Why do I remind myself of those things. See, I made it worst. God, I hate winter.

In a recent post, I mentioned that up to this very week, I’ve shovelled more than 100 cms of snow. Every day I’m sure to be out shovelling some quantity of snow from the driveway or away from the house. Almost broke my neck once on ice. Now, on top of that we have potentially 80 more cms on its way. Like, that’s nuts. That’s crazy. So, where am I supposed to even put it? Then, just like that, my worry reverts right back to the wind. I’m used to wind too, and a good windy night can create a wonderful atmosphere for writing. Only, with winds getting up to 200 kms, I’d might end up writing my Last Will and Testament. There’s a reason I hate winter winds. Because, when I was a young boy, I would get concerned each time we had a bad blizzard. For some reason I would think that our roof would blow off. Laying in my top bunk, worried about it. No idea now looking back why. Maybe it was seeing the Wizard of Oz or something like it. Maybe it was the fact that the house was small and those winds on the south coast got pretty violent at times. Every time though, I had that worry.

Anyway folks, pray for me and hope my taped together straws are long enough for me to reach fresh air. It seems my fellow Newfoundlanders and I are in for another bumpy winter ride. A ride though, will not stand in the way of some much needed writing. It’s the perfect opportunity, ain’t it? And, if the power does miraculously stay on, I’ll be able to get it to all of you awesome people. It’s my goal. A very dear blogger friend of mine asked me earlier today, about my series. He asked about The Red Journal, and when to expect another long awaited chapter. It was an instant trigger, and the trigger I needed. Because, I have been working on it, but to be brutally honest, I’ve pulled back a few times now thinking it’s not good enough to let go of. Sound textbook Ash? I know, I know, it is me isn’t it? So, I told him by reply to expect something real soon. Which at the same time held me to the promise in my own mind. Hold me to it too, will you?

OK, I’m off to prepare for the impending blizzard, and to start thinking about how I plan on spending my Friday snow day. Maybe quickly brush up on the top ten things you do in the case of an avalanche. Take care everyone, and wish me luck while telepathically sending me inspiration for the next entry in The Red Journal. If anything happens to me, copy my work and plagiarize the shit out of it.


3 thoughts on “Snow Way!!! You’re From Newfoundland?

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about some of the flavors in that pack of chips, but I think it’s genius. Often times I spend too much previous time trying to figure out which flavor I’m going to get. Or too much money when I buy all different kinds. This pack seems to have it all.

    I grew up with winter, too, but I never got used to it.

    Because of where you live, I’m sure your roof is as sturdy as it needs to be. You will be fine. The howling of the wind does distract me from writing, though.


    I hope you stocked up on candles, have plenty of pens, and notebooks. I hope you have batteries for your latest writing gadget (Does it run on batteries?) and your laptop is fully charged.

    I’d come help with the shoveling, but I hate it, so…

    Stay safe and warm. Stay golden!

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    1. Thanks, Sam. All supplies accounted for. Now the pressure is on. The chapter is done, just have to clean it up a bit…hope it’s up to the golden standard!! PS I hate winter tooooooooo Thanks for the well wishing…I’ll keep you posted

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