Snow Way!!! You're From Newfoundland?

Hey All,

Yup, you’re reading that map from our local news channel correctly, it looks like tomorrow will be the end of my back. The whole city is bracing for one of the worst winter storms we’ve seen in years. Gas stations, liquor stores, cab companies, and grocery stores are making a killing. Oh, and I’m convinced this phenomenon of storm chips have become a new part of our culture. There’s even a hashtag all about it #stormchips

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Bike Writer # 27 – What does the fox say?

Got to love Newfoundland. Off to work this morning and this guy shows up for a visit. He’s been in the neighborhood for a few days now. I’ve been told someone’s been feeding him, not a good idea. No worries though, I called the Wildlife Department and they were en route to grab this little fella and place him somewhere more safe and away from civilization.