Journal Entry # 100 – Cheers You Filthy Animals!

grayscale photo of people cheers glasses

It’s my 100th Journal Entry post and I am using this perfect opportunity to say thank you. Thanks to my faithful readers, my trusty followers, and my dear friends. It might be the Irish whiskey typing and all single tears aside, but really, where would I be without you? Earth to Ash has been live for almost four years now, and if it weren’t for your extreme loyalty, I would have faded away into obscurity a long long time ago.

So, what’s special about me folks? What keeps you keep coming back? Well, whatever it is, I’m grateful for it. Oh, and just to let you know, your love does not go unnoticed. I see those likes, every follow, and I especially love the comments. Back and forths with my readers is one of my favourite things to do. I also want to give a special chest bump to my fellow writers. I have no greater asset than their arsenal of talent. You know who you are and without a doubt, I’m truly a better writer because of you.

Look, I pour my heart and soul into Earth to Ash and in the whole universe of the internet, I’m pretty insignificant. But, when I look at that tiny little notification that tells me someone’s heard my voice, it makes it all worth it. Not only have I found a channel to give you all a little Earth to Ash, but I have also found a sense of belonging in a world of digital passer-by’s. Thanks for sticking around, your loyalty is valued and I wish you nothing but the best.

Now, with today being December 23rd and Tibb’s Eve where I come from here in Newfoundland, I’m going ahead and throwing in a Merry Christmas because the holidays have officially begun!!


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