After These Messages I’ll Be Right Back

Hey all,
Just in case some of you are wondering where the hell I’ve been these last few days, I wanted to post something real quick to fill you in. You know me, I hate going more than a few days without publishing content, it drives my anxiety through the roof. So, now that I have a chance to pitch on the sofa, I figured it best to give you the what’s up.

I’m actually in the midst of moving. Gross! It came completely out of the blue and all of the sudden. Basically, a life event had me in a mad panic trying to find and move into a new home as quick as possible. As soon as this move was carved in stone, I was full steam ahead. I was not about to lose the rest of my summer worrying about moving and the logistics of it. I’m a run and gun sort of guy and rather hit while the iron’s hot. Just like the anxiety of me not writing, I hate having something like this on my mind too. The quicker we warp to the new place, the faster summer continues, and the better for me and said anxiety. And, it seems July 15th will be that day. The day I’ll be transplanted from right here in the city to a more coastal, rural, and quiet area a smidge outside the city limits. It’s a small community that’s not far away, but far enough from the hussle and bussle of the big city. Once it all became a reality, and I got a chance to absorb it, I now can say that I actually can’t wait. I’m pretty excited about it. Oh, and you should see my new writing area/inspiration. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!

Buuut, I’m not going to say anything about anything yet because I’m saving all of that for posts for when I’m settled in. Before all of this, I’ve been polishing some entries anyway which should keep me focused and active before the actual move happens, so you will see activity here on the site. It’s just the last week of mine that was all a flurry. I’m on stable footing now, and I think I can start to breathe again. Especially, since this week has come to an end. With today being Sunday, I feel a little more relaxed and have seemed to have come down from the initial shock of moving and what moving entails. With some of that dust settling, I’m slowly feeling normal to a point I’m finally writing again. I didn’t care anyway, I was writing today no matter what. I think I promised myself that every day this week to be honest. There was no doubt I’d be sending you up a flare of my whereabouts today. Thanks for being patient.

Before I go, I wanted to also mention that other than the moving situation, I did have a few ideas and interesting things happened to and around me last week. Hence, the polishing of the drafts I spoke about, that by the way, I’m looking forward to getting out there for you to enjoy. One of them in particular. So, I ask that you please don’t stray too far from here, because after these messages Earth to Ash will be right back!

As always, thank you for being so loyal to me, and I hope you’re having an awesome summer so far. Some restrictions regarding COVID have lightened up around here where I live, they may be where you are as well, please be safe, take care of yourselves, and always keep smiling!!!


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