Am I Write? # 23 – Write This Second

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If you get an idea, take a second and record it. By whatever means necessary. Because I bet the last time you got inspired, you figured you’d remember your creative thought, you didn’t, and now you hate yourself for it. A jot can become a lot, just write. – Ash

8 thoughts on “Am I Write? # 23 – Write This Second

  1. So true! Just the other day I was taking the trash out and thought of two separate stories while out there. By the time I got back, I completely forgot that I even had some ideas! Thankfully, a couple of hours later I remembered that I wanted to write it down. And I did! Yay!

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    1. Yay!!! I had this idea the other night just before I went to sleep. Instead of getting up and writing it down..I recited it to memory. Like, what???? Woke up of course and poof…gone. Was a good one too and that’s all I can remember about it. Lol. So, lesson learned in my case. I’m glad it came around again for you. Nice to hear from you. 😀

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