Am I Write? # 19 – Make it a Block Party

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When I am battling writer’s block, I surround myself with all types of creativity. I read, I listen, and I watch. It is the inspiration of others that allows me find my own. – Ash

Lonely Poet

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my lines are barren of words
no one pays attention anymore 
I walk away to try and heal
change those emotional bandages
stop the bloody hurt
when my lyrics are finally gone so will I 
like a blank page…empty
death poetic is where these sonnets will live on
for stanzas from the grave bare the richest fruit
it’s then you see how poison being alive feels to a poet
when from lips when it can’t be
turning to the cover to remember from a photo
remember how abandoned I was with an audience
how forgotten I would become
unless I use creation to keep me alive
I’ll always be alone with my words
even if they are never again repeated
don’t repeat them for me