Ashback # 7 – It Came From Outerspace


Ah, to be young again. I was in a googling wormhole a few nights ago and came across the movie poster you see above. As soon as this image popped up in my web search, I instantly smiled in recollection. I was a young boy, thirteen I think, some community group was putting off a showing of this at the dusty floored Catholic Church bingo hall and everyone in my class was going. It was a first for my tiny little outport town at the time, albeit, a modest attempt at recreating the real thing, but hey, none of that mattered to any of us. Once the last few kids had finished ass fighting for that lonely seat in the front that was a bit too close,  we were handed the classic paper framed 3D glasses with the thin plastic lenses coloured in blue and red. Yup, we were all there ready and waiting, anxious for the lights to go down, gorging on delicious popcorn and soda. 

Turns out, that this movie was the very first time I had ever gone anywhere other than my own living room to watch a film and it was in 3D to boot. Looking back at it now, it makes me chuckle. The movie is actually pretty terrible, if you were to watch it now in 2019, you’d be guilty of taking about an hour and twenty minutes off your life. But, back in the summer of 1990, on a lazy Saturday afternoon sitting on the most uncomfortable wooden chair known to mankind littered with half-chewed gum stuck all along its bottom…it was the best thing ever.

Stop dwelling on the negatives of the past, life is way too short people. Pick a happy moment in your life and let it breathe again.


3 thoughts on “Ashback # 7 – It Came From Outerspace

  1. A great message.

    I know people who pick movies apart, taking all of the joy out of it. While I can be quite a critic myself, I know how to block my brain and how to just enjoy the story.

    I think a few times I thought of re-watching movies from my childhood, but I don’t want to destroy the memories with my jaded brain.

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