The Elf All About Himself! (For the kids!!!)

Once upon a time,
there was an angry little elf.
Who thought of absolutely no one,

but of only himself.

He’s always so mad,
which made the other elves very sad,
with his complaints that work, work, work,

was all they ever had.

Even his friends,
would call him mean and selfish.
“Why are you not nice?”

Why are you not elfish?”

No matter what they say,
he swore he’d never listen,
because ending the holidays,

had become his evil elf mission.

So, one winter’s eve,
Santa came by the workshop to say,
“Where is this elf

who’s looking at Christmas…the wrong way?”

When he found the angry little elf,
he was spiking the cookie batter,
“No more chimneys for you, Santa.

You’ll be too much fatter.”

“Come down, my Elf friend,
have a word here with me,
let me show you the true meaning

and what you’re failing to see.”

“I want you to think of all the sweet children,
those lineups for miles.”
“Their tiny small faces,

with gigantic big smiles.”

“Yes, they write me the letters,
though you build all the orders.”
you tell it’s important
and your job’s like no others?”

All of the sudden, with a spark in his eye,
the elf began to grin,
his heart filled with love,

growing deep and within.

For the very first time,
did the elf finally see,
that the holiday season

was not only about he.

The real gift is giving,
it’s not what you receive.
That’s what makes Christmas special,

that’s why we believe.

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