My Works of Heart

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There are times my heart speaks for me, this is the place I keep its voice.– Ash

Hey everybody,

I am just dropping in for a second. I have decided to tweak an already existing page on my blog. It’s for my poems. I’ve noticed from time to time that WordPress does some wonky stuff. While I was looking over mine the other day, I noticed some bugs like my pages cut off after a few “older posts” clicks. That affected my links and how much people could read. Damn you, WordPress! So, I went and created a page that links all of my poetry to one webpage and you can scroll all the way through them. One by one. There’s nothing worse than finding out people can’t see your stuff because of site issues.

Anyway, I hope you take the time to check it out. Especially, the newcomers to my blog. Like I said, I’m currently doing some overall and might change a few things because of this little wakeup. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s at least a continuation of my creative wave that I am riding. I’ve been on the ropes lately with my writing, but you know me, I keep bouncing back. I’m that guy you see everyday somewhere throughout your day. Somedays, I might say something, somedays, I won’t shut up.

OK, not to keep you, but one last thanks for your continued support and following. I hope you enjoy my poems!!!


2 thoughts on “My Works of Heart

    1. I know right? Life is immediate and people have zero attention span. Hoping this works. If at all else is easily accessible to me or people I point to it. Thanks for the comment. Have a great week ahead!

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