A Shade of Ash # 34 – Recording Myself For Prosperity

This little friend dictates my life, then, I dictate to it. I started voice journaling about two years ago and only wish I began earlier. I record gratitude, I vent my struggles, I process challenges, I celebrate, I create, I relive memories, I laugh, I cry, I pray, I miss, I love, and I exist. On the record… for me. Hearing myself in certain ways allows me to see myself in more ways which helps me grow in every way. – Ash

4 thoughts on “A Shade of Ash # 34 – Recording Myself For Prosperity

  1. I always found my voice ‘strange,’ so I never tried to record more than just a brief moment here and there. I wonder if that feeling would change once I got ‘accustomed’ to it. I can definitely recognize the value in the recordings. But it would be yet another thing to carry. I assumed you do it on your phone.

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    1. Hey you, don’t be foolish. I’m sure your voice is fine. I have a dictaphone and I plug a mic that clips on my coat/shirt and use headphones. I go for walks and boom, recording. It’s just a way for me to get my tights out and capture anything I want on the fly. Give it a try, you’ll see… 😉 😉 stay golden and use that golden voice. Take care!!

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